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I owned my poor old 1967 Silvertone by Harmony for over 45 years and currently it's in the hands of Robert Stoner who is breathing new life into it after all the years of abuse it suffered in my "care."


What guitar have you owned the longest and do you still have it??

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Yes it is and with 20 years of seasoning it sounds great!

'97 Washburn Enrique Tapiquez classical.  I've gone through many but this one has always stayed w/ me.  I also have an old Epiphone strat rip off that has a birds head headstock w/ a unique mother of pearl inlays on the headstock that reads "Epiphone by Gibson".  It plays real sweet and although it may not be worth a whole lot I love it all the same. 

A  bit out of place here, but my old fave is a 1967 Gibson ES 345...purchased in the early 70's. A veteran of many, many resting safely and comfortably in it's case. I sold a Martin D12-20 after many years of ownership once I realized how much a neck reset, etc would cost. It was a late '60s model, w/o an adjustable truss rod....but a finely made guitar.

I still own my first guitar, I've had it since I was in 4th grade so somewhere around 21 years. It's a cheap Yamaha folk model, can't remember the exact model number off the top of my head. I don't play it much and wouldn't mind parting with it but it's not worth much so it'll probably either be donated to someone in need or more likely one of my kids will get it. My second oldest is my fender squier strat that I've had about 17 years. That I won't part with even though I haven't played it in years, it's been through too many bands and memories.

My oldest guiter is a Yamaha FG-250 I bought from Mel Bay in 1974.  I still play it occasionally.  Its a copy of a D-18, and sounds way better today than it sounded when it was brand new.  How many of us learned the basics out of a book written by Mel Bay?

Piano, but yes, my first book was Mel Bay... ;-)

Hi, Folks!

Sorry, I didn't learn from Mel Bay's book. To be completely honest, I don't even KNOW who the guy is... I learned my basics from a book written by a Fado musician, with the amazing title "INSTANT METHOD to learn how to play guitar in 24 hours".

It didn't work, I've been trying for the last 49 years and still can't do it properly, but it did flame a spark. That's something, I say. So, when I got interested in learning Portuguese guitar - which is very different from classic or steel-string guitars - I went for a book by the same author, which was equally uneffective. Never mind. Every route leads to Rome - That's what they say...

Mel Bay wrote a bunch of books on how to play guitar.  Back in the seventies you could find them in almost any music store.  He owned a music store in the St louis area.  He died about ten or fifteen years ago.  He was what I thought was an old man when I met him in 1974, but I was a teenager so anyone over fifty was pretty old from my point of few at the time.

Thanks, Alan.

In 1963, when I started, most of the guitar methods available in Portugal were Portuguese or Brazilian (same language). Anyway, by that time, I could read French, but not yet English (I was 13). So, if I dropped in a bookshop, I probably wouln't have noticed a Mel Bay book even if it was there. One thing I can tell you, I don't think Mel Bay has been translated to Portuguese. But I'll check. Did Mel Bay record something? Was he a guitar player on his own, or did he play as backing musician to someone I might have heard of?

I am almost sure he was a music teacher that published his own books.  Those books sold fairly well, and he owned a pretty good music store.  He played locally around St Louis, but I don't think he ever recorded anything other than training materials. 

I had a book and video from Mel Bay. And started on a Yamaha folk guitar. Good times!

I bought an Aspen DR35-12 acoustic 12 string from a pawn shop in Denver back in 1976. Still looks, sounds and plays great.  



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