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Ok any American Idol fans or even casual watchers out there? Every week the remaining contestants preview their possible song choices in a studio in front of the weekly mentors. There is always a guitar on a stand over the contestants left shoulder that has a red pick guard and rectangular fret inlays that look like Mother of Pearl. I think it's a Gibson based on the shape of the pick guard. I would love to know the make/model. It looks sharp!

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hi Mike... It is such a fleeting look at the guitar... it is slanted back in its stand making the headstock difficult to see. My guess is that the pick guard is regular tortoise shell that looks brighter (red) due to the lighting. The rectangular fret inlays could well be Gibson, but the bridge has an outer crescent similar to those on Taylor guitars. I think Taylor guitars do have that combination of bridge and pointed pick guard, but not the rectangular fret inlays.

You could ask mentor Jimmy (Geffen A&M Records).... drop him a line, tell him how he always gets it right re the contestants... and "by the way, Jimmy, there's this guitar you see every week........."...

I'll do the "hawk eye" thing next have me curious now.


I have a hunch that Gibson has a deal with American Idol to supply guitars to finalists.  Last year Scottie showed up late in the competition sporting a new Gibson Hummingbird and I noticed this week that Phillip Phillips seemed to have switched to a new Gibson after playing his own Taylor most of the earlier part of the competition.  As I say, just a hunch that could be completely wrong.

I think you're right. I pay close attention to the guitars artists use in a performance, so much that I tend to ignore the song as I keep looking at the headstock for a name. I have noticed a lot of very nice instruments on AI and they do tend to change from week to week. That sunburst Phillip played this last week was especially nice. I look because I wonder how it plays compared to mine (Martin MMV).

It's more than a hunch. we see it season after season & it makes my mouth water! A couple of years ago Crystal Bowersox had a beautiful alpine white Les Paul Custom. I Wonder if they get to keep them? I just cant see Phillip putting down that Taylor Goldtop for long!

Crystal Bowersox even played a Seagull during one AI episode.  That was kind of cool!

It appears that Phillip played it during his mentor practice, tonight, and that was a Taylor......

We have an answer. Phillip played it this week on stage. It is a 12 string Taylor and it sounded sweet. I want one!

Jud has one on order... :-)

Yup!  2-3 more weeks ... (I'd better have the cash ready when it comes in LOL)

So what is the model number? Dare I ask the price?

GA3-12 ... $1,150 including tax.   


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