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This should be fun! 

This quiz is provided by Acoustic Guitar Magazine and takes 2 minutes at most.  See what kid of guitar player you are and share it with the group .., :-) 

Click Here:

PS It turns out that I'm a cross between a "WOODSHEDDER" and a "JAMMER" ... according to the quiz, I'm in it for the love of playing music. I need a stage like an Eskimo needs more ice. My most important critic is myself. Music is my escape, and I'm at my most content locked away in that world where me and my guitar are the only two things that exist ... but, I also feel that music was meant to be played with friends. In my opinion, a perfect evening is one spent playing songs – old favorites and new ones still to be learned by heart – as part of a group. I like to keep it casual, and most important of all, I like it to be fun.

(This is a fairly good assessment of me.) 


So, what does the quiz say about you?  Is it accurate??

PPS:  Here is the link to ALL THE POSSIBLE TYPES


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Cool ... I will join!


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