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I learned how to play on an old nylon string that my mom owned when I was 14 but the first steel string guitar I ever owned was an Ovation. I think it was a Balladeer but I honestly don't know for sure. Anyways, since then I have graduated from a Washburn D10(which I still own)to my current lovelies, a Taylor 214ce and a Larrivee' LV-03RE. So, fellers, ladies, tell me your stories!

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Exactly!! And a couple of far better players than I, who know about such things, really like the sound of the thing. :-)
I sometimes marvel when I think about the guitars I've owned.  I started with a $15 Lindell that everybody told me I'd wasted my money on. (meaning I'd never learn how to play it)  That was 41 years ago.  A neighbor gave me an old Kay about 3 months later and after about a year I bought a Prairie.   Another year or so I saved up for a nice Guild D40.  After several years passed I turned professional and hit the road and in that year, (1973) I bought a Guild F50.  Over the course of the next several years I owned a Martin 12 string, a Guild F512 12 string, an Adamas 6-string, an Alvarez Yairi classical, various electric guitars and basses and finally a Martin HD28.  My wife says that will be my last guitar and I'm fine with that.
A sunburst Silvertone 608 (lost along the way), that I had for about seven years and never changed the strings
In about 1965 The Folk Group called "The Rooftop Singers"  With Eric Darleing and another Duel 12 String on the "crossover" Hit-"Walk Righ In".  It was the TWO (2) 12-String Dreadnaught Martins doing their Intro best.  I had to get One (12-String Guitar).  I had done`12 Years of Classical Piano, then Trombone.  Enough!  My combined "
Birthday/Chrisamas,Graduatin Presant was a NEW Stella 12 String.$69/soft case.   What a beast!  I figures out the song in 3 (Three) Months.  Then I saw it of a Folk TV thing and saw there where TWO (2) 12-strings Not 1 (ONE).  I managed Both parts from scratch,by ear 1st Time BY EAR!  Of course My Musicap Background was helpful for tuning and Notes,Chords,Theory and Ear Hand Cordination. I though the deep grooves and bleeding fingers was just part of it.  In 4 Months My Parents bought Me a Used Epiphone 12 -string.  Sweet Dreams.  Ledbelly had a STELLLA 12-String too.  Too bad My old one blew up!

The Rooftop singers had matching Gibson, not Martin, 12-strings.  In fact I don't think Martin was making 12-strings at this time.  Eric played right handed and Bill played left handed and a pretty blonde stood in the middle...a perfectly symmetrical group. 

In '65, I'm pretty sure your Stella would have been made by the Harmony Company.

My first acoustic guitar was a Yamaha C-40 classical; I traded it in for an Ibanez steel string a few years later. The Ibanez was later traded in for a Seagull 12-string.
my first guitar in 1967 was a four string tenor guitar by Harmony. i followed that with a 12 string Harmony used to play in church at what they called back then a Folk Mass. 
Ah, yes!! Some of us are still at it, even though it's no longer "folk"!!
Very first was a Kay "purchased" with trading stamps(remember those?). My first real guitar was a Fender F35 in the mid 70's. Several Ovations, Guilds, Washburns, etc. have brought me to my cherished Taylor 710CE-L1.
In 1967 I bought a new Kay archtop at our local hardware store for $35. Wish I still had that old beast.
My first guitar was a box store special that cost about $25.00.  The first good guitar was a Yamaha FG-275 that I Bought from Mel Bay.  He had a music store in Kirkwood, MO.  I still have that insturment, and the wood has aged very well.  I bought it in 1974.  I have several other expensive insturments but that one has a special place in my heart
Epiphone ft-140 sunburst. Bolt on neck.

Loved it. Wish i still had that one.


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