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I learned how to play on an old nylon string that my mom owned when I was 14 but the first steel string guitar I ever owned was an Ovation. I think it was a Balladeer but I honestly don't know for sure. Anyways, since then I have graduated from a Washburn D10(which I still own)to my current lovelies, a Taylor 214ce and a Larrivee' LV-03RE. So, fellers, ladies, tell me your stories!

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My JB Player acoustic. I used it for every genre of music I knew how to play. It was my electric guitar, my classical guitar, my slide guitar, and a 100% dependable acoustic. It has never let me down, and I can never travel without it.

My dad bought it for his girlfriend's birthday, but then she didn't want it because it was too big for her. So I took it, but I was only 10 years old or so and I didn't play. Later, she wanted it back and I had no problem parting with it, but she gave it up again because my dad found a smaller guitar for her. So I took it back and two months later I had my first guitar lesson. Now you would have to pry this guitar out of my cold, dead hands!

It was a Yamaha nylon string - I'm not sure which one actually.  My husband bought it for me as a birthday gift two years ago.  I asked for a dulcimer.  Still, I was kind of excited about the guitar except for the fact that he had picked it out for me and having never handled it myself prior to the purchase, the fretboard was WAY to big for me so I got frustrated and just left it in it's case.  Then, eight months later, I started taking lessons.  My teacher could see I was frustrated so made some suggestions and I ended up selling it and buying a second hand Tanglewood Evolution.  I've had several follow me home since then from thrift stores and craigslist.  Kind of like a Lay's potato chip - you can't just have one.

Lisa, did you ever get the dulcimer?  I neglected my lap dulcimer for many years, but recently had two requests for dulcimer lessons and so have revived my interest in the dulcimer.  My wife plays hammered dulcimer and has never lost interest in it.

He went to craigslist and bought me this kiddie dulcimer that was basically a brown cardboard box (looked like a Kleenex box) with strings.  I played with it but ended up giving it to our daughter.  I saw one at Goodwill and hesitated and could kick myself now for not buying it.  So I haven't given up on wanting one but guitars have kind of taken over for now.

My first guitar was a Yamaha.  Don't remember the model number but my mother bought it for me in 1979.  I had a pickup installed about 3 years later when my mom bought me a peavey bandit for my birthday.  I kept the guitar and played it often until about 98 when I bought myself a Martin as a divorce present!  I loaned the Yamaha to my brother for his son to play when he was learning.  He never learned and I never saw the guitar again.  To be honest, I was pretty bummed.  I had a lot of good memories on that guitar.

I consider myself fortunate that my dad had a penchant for nice-ish guitars. 

My first acoustic was a Guild D4G when I was about 14, which I still have and play frequently.

Mine is a Yamaha FG 335. I still have it right beside here at the campfire.

My first was a Harmony Stella six string...I still have it!

Company: Harmony
Model#: Stella, H 933
Year: 1969
Description: This instrument was purchased new by my parents from the Music House in the Harundale Mall, Glen Burnie, Maryland. This was my first real wooden guitar. It remains in good, playable condition. The bridge has pulled up slightly, and is now held in place by two screws. Two recent cracks in the top have been professionally repaired. Other than one missing string ferrule, the guitar remains all original. I still have the original softshell case with a sticker I out on the lid that reads "Individualist, Unite." This guitar appeared in Vintage Guitar Magazine in a picture with my other three Harmony guitars called "Four Part Harmony." My other three Harmonys were made in the USA and are all solid wood instruments.

This picture appeared in Vintage Guitar magazine.
These are my four Harmony guitars...
starting from the left, a 1969 Stella H-933 which was my first guitar. Next a 1955 Patrician archtop made the year I was born. Next a sunburst 197? Broadway given to me by my mother-in-law who was the original owner. Last, my second guitar, a Harmon Sovereign Jumbo.

Wow, what an amazing collection.  I really like that Jumbo!

The Harmony Sovereigns are super, under rated guitars.  I have a few friends who were lucky enough to pick theirs up when you could still get them for about $300.  I think folks are catching on to what great instruments they are and the price seems to be going up.

old yamaha

I started on a guitar which didnt had a even a name and bought in a local shop where you can buy all kind of things, 200 guilders if i remember well. I was a very good guitar according the shop (well thats a opinion). I still love this guitar not because of the sound or the way it plays but i learned the basics on it. After that i bought several other gutars but since a year i have a nice Taylpr 424CE LTD which is the best money i ever spend. I love this 6 months later i bought a Taylor GS Mini which is also a awsome guitar for a decent price. Now i'm addicted to Taylor guitars.


best regards


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