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When I was 12 I begged for a guitar, after a couple of days, fingers throbbing I decided it was not for me after all. I laid it down and never picked it up again. Here I am 44 yrs later finding my way to a local music store, searching for the perfect guitar with that perfect tone. My mother now in her 70s remembers that guitar when I was 12. So with my perfect guitar in hand I played for her a tune I wrote just for her. A simple little tune of 2 cords. She smiled and said its about time, I waited for yrs to hear you play that thing. I said well mom, this is not the guitar you bought me that I begged for so many yrs ago, but no matter the time I have not forgotten. We are never to old..and Its never to late to pick up the guitar and start all over again, with the maturity it takes to accomplish your goals and dreams.

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I know the feeling Lacy. I'll be 52 this year, and have been "playing" for a year and a half. When I was a teen, same thing. Didnt like my fingers hurting. Now, I cant wait to get off work and play! I bought an 1981 Ovation Legend 1617-4 last spring just to try to occupy mine time. I live on an island in the Bering Sea, 800 miles from civilization, so there isnt much to do. In December, I bought a new Eastman E20D! It's great when you finally can tell when you're getting better. I wish I would have stayed with it back then. Hindsight I guess. I can tell you enjoy it as much as I do. Stick with it.



Tom and Lacy, I admire your attitudes.  It's really just a question of deciding to give playing some time, practice, and patience.  I lost most of my hearing back in 2000 (yeah, cruel way to start the millennium for a musician).  I was in the midst of recording at a friends studio, and having great fun.  I couldn't hear the guitar at all, and stopped playing for about 8-10 years.  After visiting several audiologists, and trying various hearing aids, I finally found some technology that allows me to at least hear well enough to play again.  So, I can tell you, no matter what others may say, just pickup that guitar, mandolin, ukelele, banjo, or other instrument and get to it.  For me, playing music just gives me a natural high, and makes any troubles I have at least disappear for awhile.

Best wishes to you both, and keep in touch, I love connecting with folks here.



Well Phil.. its official you are my very first friend on here :-) I'm honored and thank you. I do understand the "natural high" I wake most mornings grab my guitar head to the patio with coffee in hand and play for the birds that are audience of sorts :-) They never complain when I hit a wrong note..never boo when I cant find that mysterious cord that makes your fingers stretch to the point of breaking..and never complain that I'm making joyful noise in the early morning hours..what would I do without them. I know I'm really doing well when the tiny lizard appears and bobs his head to the beat. There is nothing more beautiful then being able to hear the tones that such a magnificent instrument makes, and you are blessed to now be able to hear your own music, and share with others your music. And in my situation.. even if they are only creatures of the audience one could ask for :-) 

Take safe and keep in touch.


Thanks for the friendship.  Morning coffee, and playing the guitar is a great combo.  If you listen to my tune "Casey's Blues", you'll hear my cat, Tiger, singing along.  Tiger, loves to sing along when I play, I don't think he's annoyed, but truly enjoys it.  I was recording this tune in our bedroom with the door closed, and he just keep clawing at the door, and throwing himself at it to get in.  Finally, I let him in, and he sat down next to me, and sang when he felt the urge.  I couldn't have planned his harmony any better.

awwwww so very precious. I listened to your songs.. wow you can really play well! And what a great singing voice. I enjoyed them alot. Your so very welcome for the friendship..thank you.  I think your right Tiger just wanted to sing along and be a part of your recording even if he had to break down the door to do it  haha..aka throwing himself at the door .. I can envision this. Its like .. hey Dad.. whats up with shutting the door..I want to sing too :-) Thank you for sharing with me

Good morning Tom

Wow the Bering Sea, 800 miles from civilization, I cant think of a better location to be able to relax with a guitar and play beautiful music no matter our age. You and I did the right thing going back in time to finish something we started, that's not always a bad idea and in this case cant be anymore fun :-) Think about it no peer.. pressure to be in the hottest band in the school be the best and fastest guitar player in the world.. look out Eric Clapton lol. Now its at our own time and pace and with no pressures of the times..I think we will do even better then way back then.. don't you? Enjoy it.. embrace it and keep going. The best to you and yours.



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