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Dear members,

I am looking for a website or forum in which I can publish my home made acoustic recordings and get feedback on playing, recording and mixing techniques.
I am a guitar player, not a sound engineer or producer, however I want to record and mix my own songs, and ultimately make them sound good :)

Do you think I can do it here? For those who record your songs, where do you go to get feedback (and help)?

Thank you


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Try the "Acoustic Guitar Forum "
Hi Henry,

thank you for your tip, it seems to be good place. Are you a member there?
I'm waiting for my membership to be approved, and then I'll post my song there.
I recommend Guitar Noise.

They are very nice, and if you ask for feedback you will get it.

Also, has a place in the forums for putting up your own music. I don't read that forum much, so I don't know what the comments are like.
I hang out over at "The Gear Page" forum and they have areas for just about everything dealing with guitar. Electric/Acoustic/Amp/Effects/Technical/Recordings/Etc.


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