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Hi. I'm looking to get a new guitar, preferably a mahogany or cedar top. I currently have a ZAD20 zager acoustic with spruce top. Ideally, looking for under $500 if possible, if I can find something decent. Anyone have opinions on a Fender Hellcat, Seagull Entourage Mini Jumbo, or GS Mini Mahog? Open to other suggestions as well. Can be with or without electronics.

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Did you get a used or new one? Since you mention returning it, probably new? Anyway, the strings are the first things to change. I like Elixer Nanoweb phosphor bronze custom lights, although I'm planning on trying a set of Cleartones.
Perhaps a used Maritime SWS Folk? Or a new Coastline Cedar Folk? Did you play before you bought?

It was used through Amazon. Is in perfect condition. I put some Martin custom lights on it. Am thinking I may need to go up a gauge. Do you think the Folk will have more/less bass than the mini jumbo? I think the problem could be I'm only used to a dreadnought so without that bass and attack, its different and i need to learn how to play it differently than I would the dread.

Or do you recommend I return and buy a new one?

If you're not happy with it, IMHO you should return it.  Then, before you buy anything else, go play the sizes/types you are interested in - there really is no substitute for direct, in-hand experience.  Having said that, I

have bought a few guitars sight unseen, and with good success, from online vendors - and, if you're not talking about a custom guitar of some sort, a good quality guitar manufactured by skilled people will be relatively consistent, sample-to-sample.  You may also be finding that, for your style of play, the undersaddle transducer may impede the unplugged tone (some people feel that to be the case).

IMHO, the folk will have a bit more bass - and that may have to do with the higher-quality top in the Coastline series vs. the Entourage series as anything else...

If you can find a Grand Auditorium or Orchestra sized Walden to play, I'd suggest that, too - anything under the 1000 series will have a 1 11/16" nut...1000 and above, the GA and O have a 1 3/4" nut...

Oh, I haven't mentioned this before (because you mentioned a desire for a cedar top) but, if you might consider a spruce top, and if you can find one to play, check out the Giannini Craviola - I bought a 12 string one through Amazon, and I love it - they make a six-string, too - GWSCRA6 - very comfortable to play, great sound/tone - they have a 1 3/4" nut.

One with electronics:

and a pic:

I think they look cool - you may not... ;-)

Oh - yes, they do sound like a "real" guitar...and they are made in Brazil...

Epiphone is about your best value for dollar out there.  I paid just over $800 for the one in my photo which is a Masterbilt.  I got a regular Epiphone for my son for about $350.  They have lots of models for under $500.

I have a listing on eBay that is almost over. This is an auction for a really nice all solid woods G3000 Walden. If you are looking for a lifetime keeper this may be worth your checking out. See eBay Item number: 290726314944.


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