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Who have you seen LIVE recently - within the last 2 years?

Recently, a North Carolina friend of mine posted something about a Neil Young concert he had been lucky enough to see in May.  That got me thinking about the concerts I have been lucky enough to see in South Florida over the last 2 years or so - no, I'm not rich, but lucky with radio station call in contests :)  Can't remember all the dates - sorry.  So, here's a list:

Bruce Springsteen - a friend of mine won tickets, but couldn't go - poor him...

Hall and Oates


Dennis DeYoung and the Music of Styx

Poison/Def Leopard/Cheap Trick

Jon Mayer

REO Speedwagon

Bob Dylan

Yes (2X!)

James Taylor



Maybe some more...I'll think...


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I would have given every concert ticket I'be won to see Tommy Emmanuel and PARTICIPATE IN HIS WORKSHOP! OMG! You are a fortunate man indeed! His DVD's are great, though... ;-)

Floridagull I sure feel that way!!!And my daughter of 7 yrs loved the concert!!Which tickled 

Went to Farm Aid two years ago, I don't go to as many shows as I used to, but in the last month I saw Roger Daltry perform Tommy, and John Prine  saturday night.  I think the only other shows in the last two years were Niel Young, Crosby,Stills and Nash, String Cheese Incident, and Yonder Mountain String Band. 

Saw Steve Earle and the Dukes & Dutchesses featuring Allison Moorer a short while back.  What a great show they put on.  They really, really respect their audience, which is not always the case with performers these days.

Doyle Dykes Taylor Guitar Clinic.

With a new little guy at home I don't get out to shows too often these days. The only one I've seen recently that jumps to mind was Bela Fleck and the Flecktones in Lowell, MA over this past summer. Awesome show! Original Flecktones w/ Howard Levy on Piano and Harp. He was incredible, as was everyone else. Vic's bass solo was just insane, that guy is an animal...

I wanted to check out the Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks Christmas Show in Exeter, NH a few weeks ago, but couldn;t find anybody to go with! Still upset that I messed it, he's out of this world...

New England born and bred Matthew, best place in the US as far as I'm concerned! I'm up in Newburyport, MA, where are you at? 

I was lucky enough to see the Rolling Stones on their last 3 US tours - 2003, 2006, and 2008, I believe?  I have also seen in the last few years:

Leo Kottke

Tommy Emmauel

Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band


Missed Leo Kottke playing in my area few months ago...His "Great Big Boy" never strays far from my CD player during commutes!

Last few years for me have in California have been:  Bruce Cockburn, Martin Simpson, Andy Irvine, Pierre Bensusan, all with close friends in small venues.  Great memories.

My wife and try to go to Hawaii when we can.  If you like slack key guitar, it is amazing who you can see and talk with; Ledward Ka'apana, Keola Beamer, Jeff Peterson and a bunch of other people.  I've got some nice lessons from Jeff simply by introducing myself after one of his shows and talking with him for a bit.


I won't list all little gigs in cafés and bars, but only the main concerts I've attended for the past 2 years. There are few, but were worth it for sure!

  • -M- (Mathieu Chedid) : French guitarist/singer. An awsome show, one of the best concerts I've ever been to. And besides good pop songs, -M- is an incredible guitar player and performer. It was in early December 2010, and I remember I took a day off work in order to be among the first persons to line up and wait. It was chilling cold and rainy, but worth it : I landed right on the front line before the stage!!
  • Neal Black & The Healers : What a great surprise! Neal Black and his band were playing in my mom's village, Réalmont, in the deep southwest of France, as special guests of Réal'Croche country/blues/folk festival in July 2011. Neal and his band performed a great blues show (see my pics on my page here). A very good memory. Looking forward to seeing them again someday!
  • Nina Attal featuring Gaëlle Buswel as guest : here again, great performance and one of my best show ever! It was in Blois, near Tours where I live, and I tell you what, it was worth driving 60 km to attend this tremendous gig! These 2 ladies are very talented artists. Nina Attal is a young prodigee (she's only 19) and ran a terrific show with her band, playing energic funk, jazz and pop songs. The first part of the show was performed by Gaëlle Buswel, accompanied by guitarist Patrice Bui. There were just the two of them on stage, and really blew the audience away with a short (about 20 minutes) but incredible acoustic gig. Gaëlle is an incredible singer and performer, with a bewitching charisma and talent. I had the priviliege to meet her and have a talk after the show, and I can tell that her kindness is equal to her talent. A very nice memory. I'm going to see her again soon, for a full gig of her with her band, in Blois again on March 16. Just can't wait!


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