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Did you buy your first guitar to make music?  Or, to make sounds like someone you admire?  Or, to impress someone??  Other??

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First guitar was a gift, from my girlfriend, who later bacame my wife.  So, yeah, my first guitar was to impress the girl...




Actually, the first guitar that I bought, was for me to play music...I was not really in the market, just browsing, and trying some actually "spoke" to me.  I left the store, and came back a week later, because I couldn't get the sound and feel of it, out of my head!

My first guitar was a Gibson 1962 ES-125T.  Traded a moped for it in the early 80's.  Still have it but rarely take it out.

Dave,  my wife bought me that model, and I really had to admit it, but I sold it later, and regret it.  Though, I always had trouble with it, seems like those moveable bridges and me just don't get along too well.  It was a fun guitar to play though.

I've thought about selling it to buy a different guitar but my wife won't let me.

My first guitar was also a gift, but from my parents I was 14 .   The first one I bought was an alvarez acoustic, at 18 and I had learned some so I bought it to make music,  The second  one I bought was a brand new fire engine red tele and Pevey bandit 60 amp that one I bought to get girls I was 22.

My first guitar was a gift from my aunt -- a mid 60s Alvarez student guitar she gave to me when I was about seven. It actually used to belong to Jonathan Edwards. My aunts and uncles were always playing acadian folk songs on guitar and mandolin at family parties, and some of my cousins played too. I just wanted to be part of the action. Then my uncle gave me a Beatles Easy Guitar songbook for my birthday and taught me my first chords, and 30 years later I still play every day. That uncle passed away at a young age about 12 years ago, and I think of him whenever I play. He was a wonderful, kind hearted man that we all miss very much.

I won my first guitar, an Epiphone SG signed by John Hiatt, in a cd shop raffle.  Coincidentally, I won my first mandolin, a Breedlove OM, in a raffle at a guitar shop!


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