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Widening string spacing at bridge on Recording King resophonic

Have a Recording King 991 round neck resophonic.  The string spacing at the bridge is 2 1/8th, and the nut width is 1.9".

I mainly to fingerstyle, don't typically strum.

I am interested in re-grooving the bridge to widen the string spacing as much as is reasonably possible.  (Have already taken the thing apart once.)  Thinking of actually doing it myself.  Have others tried it, and how successful have you been?

Any tips... how close to the edge of the fretboard can I comfortably put the e strings be at the 1st and 12th fret...  I've got a machinist's measure, so that could be helpful. I could also try to loosen the strings, widen them to feel comfortable by the touch, and somehow mark the bridge...

Or is the smart thing to simply take it to a shop?



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Took off cover plate, took measurements, tried to make a template.  Looks like it can be done but the new grooves for some of the thicker strings will be potentially pretty close to current grooves.  Will probably have a shop do it...
Took it to Gryphon Stringed Instruments and the string spacing work came out great. Now my fingers have plenty of room !


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