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put a bone saddle and bone bridge pins on my aj -500. wow, what a difference. the difference in brightness and sustain is unbelievable for the money spent.  putting a bone nut on this week....we'll see what happens

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Yup, changing out that darn plastic crap is the difference in sound between night and day. It also affords you the opportunity to check and correct any intonation problems or string buzzes that you may have on the instrument as well as adjust the string playing height.

It IS the best money you can spend and not hard to do. did it on my entry level Maestro 6 within the last week for the saddle and nut was about a month ago.
Hi Gregory,
Is it the Epiphone Materbilt AJ models you are talking about?
If it is, they were stocked with bone nut & saddle from their China factory.
Can't dig out the ads I saw in this Acoustic Guitar magazine.
hey old man, yeah its an epiphone masterbilt aj-500mns but it did not come with a bone nut and saddle.
It is stocked with bone nut and saddle. Look it up.
old man, where did you get your info from? i am holding in my hand the old saddle that came off my masterbilt and it is clearly not bone. bone may come stock on the aj-500RE or another of the higher end masterbilts with built in electronics. i'm not trying to be disrespectful but if you would send me the info you have i would appreciate it
Go ahead and be disrespectful.
I don't give a damn or a shit of what you think of me.
Didn't you read that I wrote I "can't dig out the ads that I saw"
Does it bothers you so much that you get disrespectful with someone if something that someone said doesn't backup himself with any stone cold fact?

Hey, I recall now, I think I heard that it's assembled with hot hide glue. Like it? Dwell on it and get more disrespectful. It's just my faded memories. Music is still not yet the international language.

"Love lost, such a cost, gimme things that won't get lost, like a coin that won't get tossed....."
whatever dude, as a matter of fact i wasn't trying to get disrespectful, just trying to gain a little knowledge from somebody i thought was smarter than me. so much for that..............................
Old man:
I did not see where the other poster was being disrespectful, And he did state he was HOLDING in his hand what came off the instrument and it was not bone. But your answer full of hateful rhetoric and cussing could have been toned down. I understand you may have disagreed with the other poster, opinions are like backsides, we all have one. Gibson products (and epiphone is one of there "family of instruments") are notorious for changing things like nut and saddle or bridge material without changing the advertised spec on the product.
thanks janice. y'know the funny thing about this whole thing is i really didn't mean to be disrespectful or offend anyone.for old man and any others who were offended please forgive me, that was not my intent
I put a walrus tusk saddle and ebony pins on a Martin DM and I could not believe the difference. That guitar woke up for me. I always thought it was a little muted on the high side, but no longer. Plus the saddle that was in there was beginning to fail for the high e string. There was a small part that had broken free of the rest of the saddle and was hanging loose.
Hey, let's all riot over this bone/not bone saddle. We'll fisticuff until we figure out who's right and who's wrong!
Well said Steve- I'm with you


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