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Xaviere XV-130 acoustic electric guitar review posted on youtube

I was looking at this thread back before I purchased my Xaviere (,

old cheap guitar thread

and I didn't want to revive an old thread, but I thought someone might be interested in the demo/review that I just put up on youtube. It is a review of the Xaviere acoustic electric cutaway xv-130... anyways, if you thought "they must be cheaply made", well, wrong. This guitar is flawless, and including shipping cost me $200 out the door. Of course, it's not a $2500 guitar, so ymmv :-)

I have only seen one other vid on youtube, so I thought I would add some more info to the mix...



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Nice, comprehensive review! Thanks! A bit of Floyd is always a good thing...

Hey Jonathan,

Glad to hear you're happy with your new guitar, it sounds like a hell of a good guitar for the money.



The only problem with them for me is the 43mm (1.69") nut width... :-(

Nut width has never been on my radar as a deal breaker, although I did once own a Martin orchestra model that had ultra wide string spacing...which was amazing for fingerstyle, but not so amazing for bluegrass picking :-)


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