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I can't decide between these two guitars.  Love the ls-6.  I have played one in a local shop.  No one has an ll-6 to compare.  

I've already got 2 other ooo size guitars.  Yamaha D style looks a tad smaller than a traditional D.  

Anybody got a good description of how these 2 sound, relative to each other?       

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I'm not in the market for either at the moment, but I am intensely interested in this group of guitars. At present my favourite is a cedar topped cpx15cm, which they'e stopped making - but it really is a honey.

I will be very interested as to how you get on. Get the one you love as they have a nasty habit dicontinuing lovely guitars like mine.

best wishes

Got the ll6, tinted. Well built, maybe a bit overbuilt. Sounds very nice, however.

Plays well. I'm Happy so far.
Yes Alan Marshall of Northworthy guitars said the Yamahas are a bit overbuilt - but he reckoned this was to do with standing up to the rigours of mass storage and transportation.

Did you get the one with thebuilt in ART system. I'd be interested to hear how you get on with this and what you're playing it through.

best wishes and happy plucking!

Sorry, no electrics. Just a straight-up guitar.

After a day or 2 I can say that the ll6 has a very interesting sound. It's almost piano like. Lots of sustain, almost 2 much, Might not make the best blue-grasser, but it seems well suited for almost everything else. BTW the pictures of the Tinted model on the website, don't do it justice.
I never tried a LS-6, but I owned a LL-6. Very nice guitar, lot of basses and a great sustain.
Very good craftmanship, no glue, no flaws. Side and bottom were laminated rosewood, but very nice to see.
I don't think it was smaller than a Martin dread, but I am not sure.
Thinner maybe, but not smaller overall. Still has plenty of depth, sound wise. It is rock-solid, inside and out. I've owned several 500 dollar guitars, this might be the best overall.
Tell you what, I just looked up these guitars on the yamaha website - they've got a great US guitarist called dave Goodman demo-ing them. Apparently based in Germany nowadays.



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