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I am looking for some information about a Yamaki guitar I have with no information about it other than it was originally purchased in 1974, It has rosewood sides and back with a center stripe. A cedar top. And the Yamaki inlay on the head is vertical but there's no binding on the head.  It has dot fret markers and a black binding on the fret board.  From the various pictures I've seen I would think it's a folk model as the pick guard is like those.  No information inside other than a serial number on the neck block and the number 125 stamped on the center back brace. It's obviously hand built as the Yamaki inlay on the head is lightly slanted and the center stripe on the back doesn't meet the neck heal directly in the center.  It's a very good sounding guitar, actually louder than most.  It's like a plain version of the F125.



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Here's a picture of it.

How about a picture of the back and a clearer shot of the headstock name and the rosette and a close up pic of the center spline down the back.. I have looked at every catalogue that I have and can find not a one with out binding on the head stock. And with more pictures maybe the number inside is just a production number.ship

The F-125 name ran across not up and down, so I do not think its one of those series maybe a AY series model

I added a couple pictures.  Another oddity and it's hard to see in the picture through the sound hole, but the neck block has a brace T'd in the center.  It's the darker section in the middle of the block.  Most of the pictures I've seen don't have that.
Hi Clark where did you post the pictures, they are not here would love to see more to see if we can nail down your Yamaki.Ship
Maybe I have to actually hit the Add Reply tab,  they should be there now.

Clark your guitar is a complete mystery to me its looks like a AY-333S and a AY339S where they used the head of one on the others body. I am afraid I am stumped when it comes to yours. I have never seen one like yours where the name is up and down and the headstock is not bound and that the top is cedar ( to me it looks like it is more spruce in the pics ) but at least we know you have akiller guitar there.ship

But my very best guess would be a F-130 or a F140 or even a F145

I always thought the top was a lower grade spuce as there are clearly a lot of darker lines in it, but a luthier friend said it was cedar and since I have to agree.  The grain texture is a lot closer to cedar.  I had it refretted and the fret board dressed up.  It really has a great sound and unusually loud.  May have something to do with the Martin phospher bronze strings.  This guitar seems to respond more dramatically to different strings than other guitars I've owned.

Thanks for your help.



Do you still have this guitar? I have one just like it. 125 stamped on the center brace, Yamaki inlay just like yours, and a beautiful sound and loud.


Sort of, I gave it to my daughter to learn on. Interesting thing about yours and mine, the inlay on the head is clearly hand done and not real straight. Nice guitar though.


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