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I'm sure most of us have a list of guitars we'd like to acquire in the future.  My list includes an acoustic/electric 12-string.  As I already have an acoustic-only 12-string with a spruce top, I'd like the next one to have a cedar top.  I've initially narrowed the potential choice down to:

Seagull Coastline Cedar 12 with Q1T:

Art & Lutherie 12 Cedar Antique Burst with Q1T:

And, the LAG T200D12CE:
 12 Strings Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic/Electric
The LAG and Seagull are about $600 street - the A&L, about $500...
I'd certainly like to hear if there are any other, worthy options in this price range to consider.  Also, anyone have any experience with LAG guitars?  Reviews, although I haven't seen many, are good.

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The Martin D12XAE is $599 right now through Sam Ash, Guitar Center, and Musician's Friend ... Solid sitka top with HPL back and sides and stratabond neck.  Includes onboard electronics at that rpice.

They don't make a cedar one, do they? :-(

This is all just fun speculation right now (really, honey - this is NOT the Giannini situation...) - but have you ever played a Seagull (or any Godin) 12-string?  If so, how do they compare to the Martin you mention?


Heh, heh ... Martin and cedar don't seem to get along. 

My only experience with a Seagull 12-string was with one that was hanging on the wall at a local shop.  When I took it down, it was about 10 miles away from being in tune and I just didn't have the time or energy to try to get it tuned.  I strummed it a few times and put it back, disappointed. 

By the same token the MAartin D12XAE I played at GC was in perfect tune and it felt like "buttah" as Babs would say, so I got a wonderful impression that has me pimping for them even though I don't own one.

Note to self:  When I retire and own my guitar shop ... every morning I will go around and make sure EVERY instrument is in tune, so that when my customers come in they get the best possible impression. 

Well, I have the Martin D12X1 & if the D12XAE is anywhere near the quality & sound of mine, you couldn't miss buying it even at it's full price. As stated many times before in this forum, this guitar is an amazingly nice sounding guitar for the price...even double the price for that matter.

As for my bucket list of guitar wants, shorting the list, I want a Guild F412, the Martin 000-28EC, & maybe just for fun the Melissa Ethridge Ovation. I've never really been a big fan of Ovation but every time I hear this guitar there's something there I like - go figure.

   I've talked to luthiers who will only build 12-string guitars with sitka or adirondack tops.  How well will the softer cedar tops hold up to the higher string tension of a 12-string?

Ken - I would ask the same question. My sister has a six & a 12 string Seagull which, given their due are fairly old now, approx 25/26 years old but both have had to have the bridges reglued. Her 12 actually pulled so hard that the wood on the top of the guitar started to split along the grain. I don't know how she tuned...maybe standard tuning, but it happened with both. They are really nice sounding guitars tho'...

The Art & Lutherie 12 looks a lot like my Simon and Patrick 12 which I'm really enjoying, a really nice looking guitar:

Pardon the blurry camera picture:

Yours is cedar, right? And a few years older? How's it holding up?

Right FG it is cedar and a 2007 and holding up great. I'm really enjoying it a lot and it plays and sounds nice. It has a solid cedar top, laminated wild cherry back and sides, a maple neck, a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, a 1.9" nut width, a 24.84" scale.

Love the gloss with the burst finish.


I have, of course, not ruled out a good used one...

Don't you want that Walden Sean Harkness signature model ??

I believe it's spruce - I don't have anything against spruce, but the Giannini Craviola has a solid spruce top...

Also, you said it was $1200?  Alas, no...


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