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does anyone have any feedback on this model? I've been eyeing it for some time now as I recently got an '85

D12-2832 and I thought this one would be a nice compliment....thanx in advance

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In the 46 years I've been playing 12 strings Martin has failed to impress me, in fact I used to pick up 12 fret slothead Martin 12's for a song, re-neck them as 6 strings and sell them at a handsome profit. For that reason I haven't bothered to even try a J12-15. I would speculate that it *has* to be better than the dred bodied 12's as the pinched in waist of the jumbo body tends to balance out the muddy bottom of a dred. The only time I ever *needed* more than one 12 was when I played in a few different tunings so unless that's what you're doing I'm not sure how another 12 "compliments" the other. IMNSHO, a Taylor *jumbo* 12 of any level is the going to be the best *production* 12 string you'll ever lay a hand on. The 455 in ovangkol is especially surprising for the price. I play a built to order (BTO) LKSM that was done in koa rather than mahogany but I wouldn't hesitate to add a used mahogany LKSM if the need arose. Probably more than you wanted to hear and admittedly an opinion but I hope it helps.

Jack: Great thoughts. I do appreciate them! I'm thinking the Mahogony would be a warmer tone than the D12. I'd Love to see a foto of your BTO Koa


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