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Famous Appalachian Musicians , Singers, Guitarist,Dulcimer, Mandoline and Banjo Players etc

Hey Friends,
I would like for others to post info / links to Famous Appalachian Area Musicians.
NC, VA, WV, KY , TN .

I'll start off with the legendary
"Chet Atkins" from Luttrell , TN .
Doc Watson
Stoney Fork Township, near Deep Gap, North Carolina, Birthday: March 3, 1923.
Ricky Skaggs
Cordell, KY

I'll update this first post to include a list of everyones suggestions :)


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That's great Jeff, there are so many talented artists in that region... I'll follow up with " Doc Watson, from Deep Gap, N.C.
Sorry, left off Tag,just go to Doc Watson .com for info on Doc and his performance schedule.
Good one Terry, Doc Watson is an awesome player.
I'll add him to the list
How about Ricky Skaggs, born in Cordell, KY, about 50 miles south of where I live. Find him at "".

Awesome nomination Charlie, I'll add that to the list

How about the late Jimmy Rodgers "the king of yodelin" from Sneedville TN (just up the road from me).
Great , i will add that to the list .. can you please submit website info and "date of birth / death , place of birth.
if not official website exist a link to wikipedia etc is fine too.
Thanks .. Welcome to the Group ..

The Jimmy Rodgers who wrote the" Blue Yodel 5" and several other song entitled "Blue Yodel #   " was born in Meridian, Mississippi.  He was known as "the Singing Brakeman" because he worked on the railroad before he became a singer. His singing career only lasted about 3 years. He died from T.B.  He was a very prolific song writer. He wrote "He's in the Jail House Now".  He is in the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN. He was a contemporary of A.P. Carter

Wayne Henderson from Rugby (Mouth of Wilson) Virginia. He is a well respected musician and luthier in these parts.(and any parts:) Eric Clapton has one of his guitars. Very humble and extremely talented.
Ya'll got to include MayBelle Carter, (and June) she sort of put this music on the map in Bristol , Va.
While we are mentioning the Carters, may as well include Johnny Cash :)
Excellent Perfromer suggestions ..
Also, Wayne Henderson is an amazing luthier.
You should read the story about how that "Clapton Guitar" came to be ..
It took over 10 years, Christie's Auctions, a Wayne Henderson children's scholarship charity and one determined writer just to get it started ..
Welcome to the Group ..

PS if you could provide links / info for your suggestions that would be appreciated ..
Here is a good place to start, they also have an excellent book out which I highly recommend!

Thanks Jeff, I will return with more info, on my way out the door.


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