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Many artist have free music for download or listening ..
Please list your FREE links here ..

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I guess I'll be the first. "Behind The Zion Curtain" isn't acoustic, but "For Lisa" is something I came up with after being inspired by my wife, Lisa, and Tarrega's first two studies for classical guitar. It's not a very "classical" piece, but it uses specific concepts taught to me by Scott Kritzer for use in classical guitar technique.
Okay then - let's get this going. I'm in with a little number inspired by someone asking why I never wrote anything jazzy...
I have lots of original songs. I have a great passion for live performance! f you like original music please check out and download for free songs from my 'Soundclick' page.
Hey Peeps,

Here's a hyperactive fingerpicking ditty for you.

I have a free download of my song "It Ain't What You Is, It's What You Ain't" from my CD "Unearthed" on my reverbnation page.

I also have all the songs from "Unearthed" for free on my Bandcamp page

You have to find the free download button when it asks for money. Tricky, eh? Also you could buy these songs there. What a concept.

Please fan or friend or whatever other social networky kind of things the creators of these sites intended for you to do to support my music. I'd love to hear any comments or feedback. Thanks to Jeff for inviting me to this thread. Peace, Mokai
You can get free downloads of a number of my original songs at:
This was a recording of one of my songs for Tiger TV done in May 2009
Kim is singing and playing bass. I'm playing acoustic guitar.

Hi Everyone,
Here are a few tunes from the CD "Tree of Life". "Winter Tree" and "Dance of the Flowers" were played on my Larrivee 6 string and "Tree of Life" on the 28 string double neck harp guitar called The Dreamcaster.
Brian, Welcome to the Group !!
Just listened to all 3 tunes.
BRILLIANT .. thanks for adding these masterpieces .
I enjoyed the tremolo in The Winter Tree and the sound of the 28 string in Tree of Life.
All 3 were just excellent ..
Thanks Again

You can listen to and download some of my music at


Here are three songs that I've written.
There are free downloads of some of my original music at

There are also some of the same originals and some cover songs on my page here.

2 new(-ish) original songs probably destined for my next CD. These are unmastered versions.:

Celtic Airs And Graces

The Favour

The tabs for each are also free for download.

I hope you enjoy them!


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