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First Thanks to Nicholas Tee for initiating this great discussion topic, which sprouted from the "Brush with Greatness" topic. 

I'll kick this off with a "Hero Gear" inquiry of my own.

RE: Tommy Emmanuel , Maton Pickup system. 
It has 6 piezo elements , one for each string. Its fairly HUGE in comparison to typical piezo pickups, most of which are barely the size of a wooden match stick.

I've also been searching for a pickup design i've seen that has 6 individual saddles.
Each saddle can be individually height adjusted.
Does anyone know the name of this pickup system ?
I can't seem to relocate the info .. 

Ok .. looking forward to hearing of your "Hero Gear , OH MY " haha

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yes it is true and the action on some of these guitars is amazing, hot roding or customize a guitar and it changes everything including the way you play if they played a stock guitar they would sound as good but not as good as they sound playing the guitar that they have set up its like the diff between a family sedan and a race team built race car so be aware I was in japan and went to the John Lennon Museum and looked at many of his guitars rickenbackers Ovation customs gibsons J series fenders some martins however the one I fell in love with is his casino I got one modified it like his and oh my does it have that sound Now they make exact replicas of the john lennon casino for around five thousand dollars and thats cool I had to search all over to find the right bridge string savers adjusters they were white nylon and not available for the most part I found a set in a music store in chigago left over from the sixties still in the header card bought a set of gold grover tuners and replaced the klusons and even put in original switchcraft switches left the P90 pick ups alone now this casino came from Epiphone perfectly set up and it took me about a year to put it back in playing condition after I took it apart so....... the reproduction are great and fairly accurate of a vintage Hero guitar however you can play six identical guitars and they all will be diffirent and you know it aint always the instrument it is the musician playing it GO FOR IT FOLLOW YOUR BLISS WILL SEE YOU out there do not let money or brand name stop you from playing music that you have a passion for I still wail away on my old stella harmony and an arch top silvertone I had restored I have also had the opportunity to play strombergs and real D'angelicos that some were valued at one hundred grand and again it is the person playing the instrument that sometimes maybe only once comes up with the magic I heard a drummer once play on an upside down plastic bucket and it was amazing he got tone from raising the bucket up and down with his feet on either side I am sure he will get a pickle bucket endorsement deal some day and you know what I would buy one I just doubt I would be as good as he is........
haha Funny ending there Rob .. a pickle bucket endorsement .. LMFAO !!!
Yeah i have an old Fender clone from eh .. Taiwan ?
It had a metal tag on the headstock that said "FendeN" well they made the R really crooked.
It looks nearly identical to the Fender logo.
Anyways, the tone on that baby is incredible. I can't seem to get the white paint to STAY WHITE after clear coating. ( i now know i was just using the wrong clear coat )
It's not exactly "hero gear" ( not that i know of haha ) .. but as i mentioned it sounds amazing.
It has 4 single coil pickups REALLY FAT ones , AND .. it has 2 speaker magnets strapped across each pair of pickups "WOAH ! " .. along with its ebony fretboard and feather light weight, it's a lovely guitar.
Can't wait to get her finished .. :(
Jeff, I think the pickup is found here
It's the AP5 and it's exactly what Tommy is using now days. Not sure if they still use the six peice strip but the sound is wonderful without a doubt.

Oh thanks, i was under the impression that Maton didn't sell the pickups separately.
I wonder if that includes the actual pickup ?
Funny they don't mention the the actual pickup since it's pretty Uber-Cool ..
Maybe it does and i just didn't read deep enough .. hehe
I'll go back and check ..
thanks again ..
PS .. i'm still interested in that other "mystery" system with the adjustable height individual saddles.
The type of pickup you're describing is called a Hexaphonic. One saddle per string. I've used LR Baggs Hex pickups in my guitars for about a decade. I love them, you can set individual string height and individual string intonation. They don't suffer from moving the way many UST's do from climate or tuning, they're the hottest passive pickup I've seen, which is great cause I hate having batteries in my guitar.

I wouldn't put anything else in my guitars. And if you're into the harp guitar at all, you can sum as many 'elements' as you want. I'll be using them in my 10-string Harp High-string.

A note of caution. This is a more difficult install than most pickup installations, but IMHO it's worth it. I use the Baggs Hex with my D-TAR Mama Bear and Solstice and I get a great sound everywhere I plug in with no feedback issues.

RMC also makes this type of pickup, and while I've not used it, I've heard the same type of feedback from players who use it like Alex DeGrassi.

Hope this helps


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