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You members who have 12-strngs ... do you keep them tuned at concert pitch?

If no, then how do you tune them ... ??

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Thanks Guys

You do have to be specific when dealing with me... I have no knowledge ,training in musIc

re the tuner question thanks again Jud

Ian ... I hear you!!  I have no formal musical training either.  I do believe you should be able to use your electronic tuner to achieve any type of tuning you want as long as you know whether the tuning requires you to tune an individual string(s) up or down.  I watched a guy tune from Standard to Open-E using his electronic tuner in about 45 seconds the other night, while all the time carrying on a running conversation with the audience.

any suggestions for a new capo? I've heard the Paige is good, and I currently have a Kyser.



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