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Ok everybody!  The Seagull 25th Anniversary Mahogany Spruce has arrived...


Ron brought it into the lab for me to see...



Here's a closer view of the front...



Beautiful back...






Ron won't forget which case his guitar is in either...wait - he's only got the 1...


I sat and played it for about 10 minutes - I was at work after all...;-)  Strings haven't been changed yet, but BEAUTIFUL tone.  Really looks like it just came off the rack at a guitar store.  Great action - I might have detected a very, very slight twist to the neck, but that's what the adjustable truss rod is for.  Can't tell while playing, so it must be minor indeed...

This guitar is a blend of today's Maritime and Artist series, IMHO.  No mother-of-pearl seagulls or pin inserts, but the headstock and tuning machines remind me more of today's Artist series.  I would consider this to be a most successful, sight-unseen (well, at least in-person-unseen) purchase.

BTW, this is Ron's first guitar!  Can you imagine starting off on this?  JEALOUSY!!!  I'd be Tommy Emmanuel now!  Well, maybe not, but I'd be better... ;-)

So, what do you guys think?

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 I guess I should try other string once in a while. I just love how the exp's last.  The sound good for weeks and never rust.  I live in Minnesota and in the summer the humidity kills strings. Good for the guitar though.  Winters here are really dry so I keep the humidor in the guitar all time. Summer and Winter. String get change as often I they need to.  Usually they won't chime unless I strike it hard.  Next time I get strings I will try the Elixir's. Thanks for the hint.

Cleartones are supposed to be good, too...

I've got Martin's SPs, which are supposed to be using Cleartones technology, on my parlor guitar.  They almost project too much, but they are really nice sounding, and I don't get as many squeaks with them.  We'll see how long they last.  Just had them about 4 weeks, and still they sound new.

If your talking passive magnetic (like a removable Dean Markley or Seymour Duncan soundhole pickup) I think good-sounding acoustic strings would work fine. However, coated strings would require a higher volume setting, as the coating can, IMHO, interfere somewhat with the magnetic stimulation. A soundboard transducer setup (K&K Pure mini or classic) can be active or passive, with less possibility of the pickup installation interfering with the acoustic sound. The undersaddle transducers (Godin QI) apparently have the potential to impact the acoustic only sound of an instrument, at least in some people's opinion. String choice should be less of an issue with the last 2 types of pickups I mentioned - good acoustic-only sound will translate well.

I use a LR Baggs iBeam. I agree, since the ibeam sits under the bridge I don't think the strings matter to it.

Oh - go to my page for more pics - that's a Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin II...

I have used EXP16 for years, I want to say 2002 when I took guitar in college and bought only two sets for the semester. Elixir 16052 are on my 25th, which sounds amazing.

How do I pick? Well, up until a few weeks ago I only had the two Seagulls and a few Yamaha's FG700S I have been selling. Next to the love seat where I tend to sit is my double stand. I have them my Seagulls on a rotation. I still want a SWS, but I may save for a Martin 000-15.

I replaced the saddle on my 25th Anniversary.  I got it from Bob Colosi SaddleMaker.  I bought bone.  It was a breeze to install just a little time consuming. He makes his saddles slightly over sized so some sanding was in order.  It sounds the same as the TUSQ bridge, but I now don't have 2 grooves for the high e string to slip in and out of.  YEA!  Just one of the dangers of buying a used instrument.  I don't know what idiot put the saddle in backwards but now it doesn't matter.  I think it was a good upgrade to my gull. I built a jig to put the saddle in for sanding and it worked great. Perfect 90 degree angle and I left the action a little higher than it was. Sounds great, looks good and less filling too.

Bob Colosi also makes beautiful pins and buttons out of all kinds of nifty stuff.  take a look.

Bob Colosi web site


so you don't notice ANY difference in sound?

I bought his saddle and pins but have not got them installed yet. (dragging my feet with a great sounding set of strings and I just can't bear to change them)

I would have thought there was some noticable difference.


Sorry so slow to respond. Was in the hospital with my heart not working right.  Much better now.

No I didn't notice any change in the sound of my gull.  The bone saddle looked different but when I put them top to top they matched perfectly.  I built a jig to hold the saddle while I sanded the bottom to the desired hight and kept the 90 degree angle perfect. I left the action a little high on purpose. But now my e string can't jump track when I bend it like it did in the TUSQ Saddle.  I know this saddle will be installed correctly every time since I own it. If not it's my fault.  Next time I change strings I am going to drop the action a little more.  Then I think it will be perfect!

I took the TUSQ saddle and sanded the grooves out.  I think this saddle will work now as well.

Thanks for the reply, Good to hear the medical professionals have you back to a better condition.

That the bone saddle made no difference in sound is quite a statement for the TUSK unit.  When I had my M12 set up, my luthier said "no point in putting on a bone saddle, as you won't hear enough difference to warrant the expense."  You have validated his advice.  But as I received the bone saddle and pins for a Christmas present I think I'll go ahead and have them installed on my 25th Aniv.

Hope you enjoy your 25th as much as I enjoy mine.


If there is any difference it is when I plug in to my amp. The high notes are a little stronger. I did not replace the pins.  Those are still Seagull originals. I am using EXP16 strings.  Baggs iBeam passive pickup. I run that to a Baggs Para DI then to a Fishman Loud Box Mini. Really great sound. Set the amp flat and you can tell it's my Seagull. I love the stupid thing.  Got yelled at on Sat. night because I couldn't sleep so I picked up the gull and was playing quietly but it woke her up. 3 rooms aways and 2 closed doors. Can't try any harder. Oh well.  Yep feeling better but got tons of Doctor appointments.  Looks like any guitar funds are gone for awhile.  Hope nothing breaks.

I replaced the saddle with bone instead of TUSQ because I think it will be harder and I just like hand crafted.


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