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Ok everybody!  The Seagull 25th Anniversary Mahogany Spruce has arrived...


Ron brought it into the lab for me to see...



Here's a closer view of the front...



Beautiful back...






Ron won't forget which case his guitar is in either...wait - he's only got the 1...


I sat and played it for about 10 minutes - I was at work after all...;-)  Strings haven't been changed yet, but BEAUTIFUL tone.  Really looks like it just came off the rack at a guitar store.  Great action - I might have detected a very, very slight twist to the neck, but that's what the adjustable truss rod is for.  Can't tell while playing, so it must be minor indeed...

This guitar is a blend of today's Maritime and Artist series, IMHO.  No mother-of-pearl seagulls or pin inserts, but the headstock and tuning machines remind me more of today's Artist series.  I would consider this to be a most successful, sight-unseen (well, at least in-person-unseen) purchase.

BTW, this is Ron's first guitar!  Can you imagine starting off on this?  JEALOUSY!!!  I'd be Tommy Emmanuel now!  Well, maybe not, but I'd be better... ;-)

So, what do you guys think?

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I wanted a solid body guitar. I sold a pair of geckos, and bought a Seagull 25th Anniversary Mahogany over the weekend. I think guitar collecting is my new hobby. This thread got me looking at used prices. So thank you for the pictures FloridaGull. For the price I could not walk away.

I think Lennie Schoonover bought a 25th Anniversary around this time, too... :-)

Guitar collecting is a great hobby, IMHO... ;-)

Let see pics of your Anniversary Edition.

I use the my fingertips and sometimes a fingernail.  I have never had a guitar lesson in my life.  I had to take piano lesson when I was 10. I hated it.  Now I wish I had stuck with it. Played the clarinet in jr. high, hated it even more.  I never can find anyone to jam with, so I figure it out.  I am what I would call an amateur.  Most definitely an amateur. That said, I think I have a good ear. My gull really puts out vibrations.  When I hold it and play you can feel it as well as hear it.  I have played 2 identical Martins and one sings and the other doesn't. I don't know why it just is. I have played many cheaper guitars and found the same to be true.  I traded in my Yamaha FG409 for this gull and wish I hadn't. That guitar sang as well and I had other guitar players tell me they had never heard a Yamaha that sounded as good. Even much more expensive models. I payed $150 bucks for it in 1998 and played it until 2012. Never needed an adjustment. It was HG, Spruce top, solid wood. factory made. I never heard another one sound as good.  I would like to find another 25th Gull and play it to heard the diff. I really believe my Seagull sounds better than most Martins or any other guitar brand you choose. I think that sometimes the right parts get put together to make a singing guitar.  I use the term "sing" to describe that special quality that makes one guitar stand above the rest. You can find singing guitars but you really gotta look, well listen.  Most guitars a just playing guitars they don't sing.  That is what I have found anyway. My trick is to enter a guitar store. Pick up one of the most expensive guitars in the store start to play it, then ask the salesperson to play along.  The guitars he/she chooses is an indication of a good guitar. If the person is a guitar player they will unconsciously pickup the guitar they like the sound of. When I bought my Yamaha the kid (and he was a kid about 20 years old) even told me that "this 409 sounds better than the others".  They had like 4 of the same Yamahas hanging there.  Of all the guitars in that sound he liked that 409 best. I think the highest priced guitar in the store was $500 Alvarez. So I say find the singers and let the rest go.  The best guitars sound better than they look, sometimes. Get both, then count your blessings.

Started with viola, then piano, then guitar when I was 17. Wish it had been guitar from 4th grade...

So, my first all solid and there is certainly a difference in sound between my S6 and this model. It could be the strings Elixir 16052 vs D'Addario EXP16, but I don't think strings would make this much difference. My problem is I paid less for the Anniversary model than S6. It actually my first used guitar.

I was working on Adel "Someone like you" and the sharp, crisp sound.

I am now collecting guitars. My wife was going to kill me, but now she want to learn to play. I told her, pick a guitar! We have 5 Seagulls. Is that a flock or do I need a few more?

Definitely a flock!  I've got the "Seagull bug" too. 

Depending on how petite her hands are, and whether you have any 1.72" nut Seagulls, you may be shopping for a guitar with a narrower nut... ;-)

I think strings make a big difference. I use EXP16's they are by far the best strings I have used for getting that true acoustic sound. I have only 1 guitar and taking care of it is enough.  PLEASE make sure that your birds always have enough water, humidity is the guitar saver.  I had a Yamaha for over 10 years and never needed to have it adjusted. I always kept the guitar humidifier moist and in the guitar.  Even when I didn't play it for over 2 years. (broken arm 2 years of PT, squeezed many a tennis balls) A case that seals helps as well.  The TRIC case does this better than any other case I've seen. They're cheap and they work.

With all those guitars sittin around how do you decide which one to play?

Unsure if you're talking to me or Jason, but I'll bite...
Depends on mood - there's a 12 string, a 6 string, a classical, and a hollowbody archtop with 2 P90's, so, whatever the mood is, I've got the tool...pretty much... ;-)
Must always leave room for GAS...

My bad, I was talking to you both as one.  Got to pay closer attention. To Jason, " a Seagull rotation" you lucky dog. My wallet never leaves room for GAS lately I've been spending all cash on gas.  If I hadn't found such a great deal on my 25th Anniv. I might be playing strings and shoebox.  I saw one the other day made by a slave in the 1880's. The museum curator pluck the strings and with a little tuning it would work as guitar. Coolest thing I've seen lately. Necessity really is the mother of invention.  I might have to try Elixir 16052, are they coated?

To the ForidaGull: who made your hbat.  Now that I am off the subject,  we were talking strings, feel free to wade in here.  Do you think different strings effect pickups differently?  Are good acoustically sounding strings good pickup strings? Passive pickups vs active. Lets leave mic-pickups out of this discussion.  I find I have problems with dual input pickups.

DJ, they are coated and were slick the first day.


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