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Ok everybody!  The Seagull 25th Anniversary Mahogany Spruce has arrived...


Ron brought it into the lab for me to see...



Here's a closer view of the front...



Beautiful back...






Ron won't forget which case his guitar is in either...wait - he's only got the 1...


I sat and played it for about 10 minutes - I was at work after all...;-)  Strings haven't been changed yet, but BEAUTIFUL tone.  Really looks like it just came off the rack at a guitar store.  Great action - I might have detected a very, very slight twist to the neck, but that's what the adjustable truss rod is for.  Can't tell while playing, so it must be minor indeed...

This guitar is a blend of today's Maritime and Artist series, IMHO.  No mother-of-pearl seagulls or pin inserts, but the headstock and tuning machines remind me more of today's Artist series.  I would consider this to be a most successful, sight-unseen (well, at least in-person-unseen) purchase.

BTW, this is Ron's first guitar!  Can you imagine starting off on this?  JEALOUSY!!!  I'd be Tommy Emmanuel now!  Well, maybe not, but I'd be better... ;-)

So, what do you guys think?

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Beautiful!  This transaction occured by way of "Seagull Spoken Here" members interacting didn't it?  Another fabulous benefit of Gulls flocking together for the greater good!

You should be ashamed to show that to me...Its not fair ;(

I think I'll have you both cited for cruel and inhuman treatment of a fellow gull.

We have a saying on another forum which is meant as a compliment, so I will be the first to use it here

"You suck"

(It means in a sarcastic way that you are one lucky fellow and we congratulate you on your fortunate acquisition) suck - twice

Ah, but it is not my acquisition - I am just the reporter.
But I will accept your "you suck" with good humor, as I just ordered a Giannini Craviola 12-string! ;-)

Yes indeed my (one of many) loves of my life left me and flew to Florida, had I known I would have clipped her wings!

Yes, Ron has inherited an awesome instrument!! I still have my flamed maple 25th Seagull CW!

I have fallen into a negotiation session all day (for $600+ less than current value) with a Artist Series Portrait CW QII w/hard case owner in financial straits that needs the cash more than his fantastc as of 1 p.m. E.S.T. 9/22/11, I may be the new owner, we shall see!!


Good luck! Are you going to keep this one, or are you getting into the guitar-flipping business?
My intention wasn't to flip, but I LOVE the Seagull designs, and won't be happy until I have a Artist Studio CW series model (I'm a beach bum at heart and the seagull is my mantra)! Still have 4 days since the seller of the AS model relisted it because I didn't make a "firm" enough offer! So, I should know Monday if I deplete my savings a little further or not! 
If that doesn't work out, perhaps a hunt for a Peppino D'Agostino model would be worthwhile... :-)
You are an inland-trapped Gull! No ocean...alas.

I just bought this model.  I got it used. It is in excellent condition.  My problem is I don't have the case that came with it. Any chance of finding one?

I absolutely love this guitar.  I have owned a Yamaha FG-402 and Fender. This guitar blows them all away.  I looked for over 3 months. Played over 100 different guitars, from Alvarez to Wechter.  For the money this was the best sounding guitar.

I really would like to get it all back together, like the day it came off bench.  I am working of getting the certificate as well.

congratulations on getting a wonderful guitar.  You may be happy with a tric case and they do protect well from bumps and bangs and temp changes.  For me though, the Hiscox case is far better.  My 25th had a tric case but it had been sold separate from the guitar so the shop gave me a Gator.  There is no comparison in fit between the two.  I bought a Hiscox for my prized 25th model and never looked back.  Its is a superior case to be sure.  There are some pics on my personal page.


Some of my concerns;

Do I put a strap nut on it? It so pretty I'd hate to change it's looks at all.

I put LR Baggs Passive I-BEAM pick up it.  But you can't tell by looking at it.

I am still hoping to a case that came a 25th.  I really want it to look original.

So if anyone can help me find the case I sure would love it.

DJ ... two suggestions on finding the case ...

Go to her to General Discussion Forum for Acoustic Guitar Magazine (thousands and thousands of members) and place a post about what you're looking for.  We only have 156 members here, and even though it's a big concentration of Seagull folks, it's hardly indicative of how many are actually out there.

Then do the same thing here at Acoustic Guitar Forum which is another extremely large community of acoustic guitar enthusiasts that is not affiliated with this Acoustic Guitar Magazine online community.

Finally try Craigslist ... if all else fails. 




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