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I have been a HUGE fan of Elixr Strings for quite a few years now...LOVE the tone, feel, and longevity of this particular brand.  I seemed to have settled into the routine use of the 80/20 Bronze polyweb Custom Lights.  Would anyone care to offer up their opinion on the differences in tone,  playability, and longevity between the bronze and phosfor bronze?

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I've never tried the polywebs, but use the nanowebs routinely.  I have settled on the phosphor bronze lights on my Martin DCPA-4.  Personally, I like the tone I get with PB Elixirs on my Martin with spruce/sapele construction and the longevity is a plus.  I "think" the PBs last a little longer than the 80/20s.  I've also heard the opinion, but have not personally experienced both a slicker feel and possibly quicker "fraying" of the coating on the polywebs vs the nanos.

I think I'm gonna give the PB Nanos a try...I'm completely happy with my current strings, but, you never know!

Just my opinion, I think 80/20s on a cedar topped guitar are a good idea.  On spruce, I think phosphor bronze are better.  But we aren't all after the same sound.

I never figured out the difference between Elixir polywogs and nano nanos.  To me it's like taking a shower wearing a raincoat.

I had to look it up on the Elixir site...the nano nanos are supposrd to have a thinner coating, to feel more like an uncoated string...Nanoweb 80/20 will produces a bright sound, polyweb 80/20 will give you a warm sound, while nanoweb phosfor bronze will land you right in the mddle.

I love the bronze ones. Better sound for my type of playing..

Going to look into these Elixr strings next,

I just tried a set of Dr. "Rare",  they sound great but seem to be working at trying to slice right through my fingers on barre chords.

I have had just the opposite experience with them.  That's my favorite brand.  I have found that the 11's tend to sound like 12's, etc.  I generally play 11's.  I also like Everly's.


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