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Alternate Tunings:


Anybody play any "open" or alternate tunings regularly? 

I have gotten into "Open E" recently because that's what Black Crows use on "She Talks to Angels" ... makes playing it so easy!  Not positive, but K.T. Tunstall sounds like she's using some open tuning on "Black Horse and a Cherry Tree".

Also love the "drop D' and Double Drop D" that Neil Young uses frequently.  Haven't tried "Open G" yet, but I understand that it's what Keith Richards uses for all his more familar Stones riffs.

I actually worked to bring my little Harmony dreadnought back to life specifically so I could leave it in "Open E" ...

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I love open tunings, and for that reason I now need to add to my guitar collection! (Oh, that's how it happens...!)

I've got the Mini Jumbo in DADGAD most of the time, and with the solid wood body really allows the notes to ring. The fingered chords and picking really make for a clean sound, avoiding the sometimes muffed up barre chords you find in standard tuning. I'm looking for a "campfire" guitar that I can leave in standard tuning to play casual standard tunes, and leave the Jumbo in DADGAD or similar tunings so as to avoid constantly tuning back and forth and confusing the guitar!

Have fun!

Check out the Laurence Eddy You Tube DADGAD version of Jackson Brown's Naked Ride Home. Sorry, I can't seem to add the link. I picked this up over a couple of days by watching and listening, a fun and relatively easy song!


I've got to learn more about DADGAD ... seems to be the popular thing with alternate tuners.

In honour of our first post I broke my g-string last night tuning to open E

Yep ... Open G and Open D let you tune everything down ... Open E is a bear because you have to go up on a couple of strings.


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