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What's your opinion?? 

Just saw this in a thread on another forum. 


If it's true, (and Michel Belanger is quoted) I wonder if they did any real market research before making this leap? 

This is a big change! Click and check it out.

Long-Scale Gulls?


UPDATE:  Here's the e-mail I just received.


Hi Jud,

Yes, we're currently phasing in 25.5" scale guitars, but we still have some shorter scale guitars in stock.

All Seagull models will eventually have a 25.5" scale.


Michel Belanger
Support Clients / Customer Support
Guitares Godin / Godin Guitars


UPDATE to the last UPDATE:


Hi Jud,


I gave you the wrong info! Parlor and Folk sized models will keep the 24.84" scale.

Michel Belanger
Support Clients / Customer Support
Guitares Godin / Godin Guitars







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What happened to your hunt for a Walden CO2000? 

Or a CG2010?

Or a G3000?

Sorry - I'm done - back to Seagull and their dim scale idea... ;-)

Harry -

Not a Seagull, but a Simon & Patrick:

Simon & Patrick Folk Rosewood - has everything you want, but a 1.72" nut...

I like Seagull guitars just the way they's what sets them apart from the rest. 

I just started using Seagull, I'm used to the more traditional nut width...but compated to my Alvarez folk guitar, the Maritime dreadnaught feels huge, and the nut width on the Maritime took a couple of hours to get used to...but I love it!  Whatever Seagull decides to do, I'm sure their product will be just as good if not worries here!

I didint think the nut width was involved in the change. Say thats not true. My fat fingers can barley get by on the 1.8



Rex ... changing nut width wasn't specifically mentioned ... but really none of this has been offically announced.  I just saw a post on another forum where some guy had bought a new Seagull dread and noticed it seemed to be long-scale.  He contacted Seagull and Michel Belanger sort of casually confirmed that, yes in fact, Gulls (except parlor and folk) will be long scale in the future.  So, since there was no formal anouncement of the changed scale, it wouldn't totally floor me to find out they were going to mess with the nut width as well at some point.  But, since they alread offer a choice of 1.72 or 1.80 maybe they'll leave that alone ... maybe.

I just measured my Seagulls, Martins, and Rogue.  Both Matins are 25.4 as specified in Martin's site.  My Rogue cheep cheep guitar seems to be 25.4 as well.  My Seagull Entourage Rustic Dread has a scale length of 24.8 or whatever the short scale length for Seagull is.  But surprise of surprise, my Natural Elements Heart of Wild Cherry/Spruce top Dread has a scale length of 25.4.  I did not even notice the difference in feel from the longer scale length as the 1.8 nut width makes a bigger difference to me.  My Martins are 1 11/16 nut width and the Entourage is 1.72.  No wonder the Natural Elements sounded a bit different from the Entourage.

I just sent out an email to Seagull asking about the scale length.

So Natural Elements have the new longer scale length.  Now if Seagull goes back to 24.8, my Natural Elements might become a collector's item.  Yoo Hoo.

Ron ... thanks for the update.  It would make sense that if they were going to long scale, they would begin with the newly added Natural Elements models first. 

Granted, these measurements are subtle differences. 

There are many people who honestly say that the nut width nor the scale length matter to them. 

For most players, the 1.80 inch nut width on a Seagull is definitely a more noticable factor if they've been used to a 1.68 (1 11/16) than the difference between long and short-scale, which many will not even notice.

I don't find much difference between 1.69 (Martin) and 1.72 (Entourage).  The Rogue 1.67 feels a little narrower but not much difference.  The biggest difference to me is 1.8 and that feels a bit wider. It is not bad at the top, but I sometimes miss strings at the lower frets (I miss strings all the time anyway).

I agree ... I had a low-end Epiphone with a 1 11/16 (1.68) and it felt very cramped.  I've played numerous Martins with 1.68 and while I still very much prefer the 1.75 on a Martin or a Taylor, etc., the 1.68 on a really good guitar seeems to be more playable.

Don't mind so much the scale (25.5 or 24.8), probably couldn't tell the difference. However, if Seagull is narrowing the nut, no more new Seagulls. I love the 1.8 inch nut, and it is much the reason I'm having Seagulls.

Harry ... I agree 100%.  That would be a huge mistake.

The 1.8 nut is the factor that sold me on Seagull to begin with. 

I dearly hope they don't change the nut width options (and I really don't think they will).


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