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I have noticed that some of us birds have logged on to the chat room only to find the nest empty. Lets do a group meeting, uh flock if you will. Lets hear a time for it. I am on EST so I say 7pm. What say ye?

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That's a great idea!  I am limited on when I'm available but if we set a regular day and time you might just get to hear more of my ramblings...


We have 3 kids and a variable schedule.  I doubt I'll even get to pickup my Seagull today.

I used to play this kinda game w/ some of my jam buddies and record a riff and then pass it on.  The next guy would tweak it and  send it on.  It would end up as a recording loop and then we would play lead over it and in the end we'd either have something we like or something that was a foundation for something we would eventually like.   I'm not saying we should do that here on the chat thingy but trading licks and putting your own spit on something, clenching it, and then passing it on was a great learning experience.

It is possible - on the group home page - you can "send message to group" or "leave group" - unfortunately, these links are right next to each other - odd placement... ;-)

I would like to join in. Do you have a day/time set yet?


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