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So, I have been looking for a good deal on a Coastline Grand Parlor for a little time now.  Money has been tight so I've been trying to hold off on a good deal for one.  I was just about getting ready to go with the lower priced version, newer Entourage Grand Parlor when I found the Coastline Grands on sale at Musicians Buy for a price not too much above the Entourage.  So, with the help of their layaway plan I can now get the one that I've wanted.  Hopefully I will have it soon :)

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Oh, and I forgot to mention that they are including a hard shell case as well!!  Pretty good deal!

It's a sweet guitar. But then that's true of all the Seagulls!
Congrats Bryan! I'm sure you'll love it... :-)

Should be here soon - but had some complications.  You see, the original purchase guitar sold out before they could process mine.  But, I found an older Grand S Series on the Bay that I just jumped on.  It is an older model but still looks good.  Hopefully it will be fine when it comes.  The serial number starts with a 0224 - does this make it a 2002 model?

Bryan ... Is the number stamped on the back of the head stock or on the label in the sound hole?

How many digits is the number?

I almost bought a used nice one for $199 at a shop here in town.  The parlor is just too small for me to play effectively.

Thanks everyone.


The serial number is stamped on the back of the headstock.  It is an 8 digit number starting with 0224....  The headstock is not bound like the newer ones are, and the label is the larger, square blue one with the white Seagull flying on the upper right corner gold label with S Series written on it.  The bridge is also the larger one (like seen on the current Art and Lutheries) rather the newer sleeker bridges.

Then I believe you have a 2002...

here's a handy calculator if you know the number. and a reminder that Godin has stopped using this system in the past few years. Don't know why.

Very cool, thanks.  Yup, 2002....

Craig, great link.  I just posted it up in the "Historical Stuff" page ... BTW it says my Artist Mosaic was made December 15, 2004 and was number 665 that week.


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