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So, I have been looking for a good deal on a Coastline Grand Parlor for a little time now.  Money has been tight so I've been trying to hold off on a good deal for one.  I was just about getting ready to go with the lower priced version, newer Entourage Grand Parlor when I found the Coastline Grands on sale at Musicians Buy for a price not too much above the Entourage.  So, with the help of their layaway plan I can now get the one that I've wanted.  Hopefully I will have it soon :)

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My Pro Rosewood was made the same week as my birthday, 40 years later. pretty cool

Well, it finally came - woo hoo!!


This guitar must have been a NOS because aside from a very small dent on the top about the size of a pin head, there is not a mark on it.  It did come from a music store and the seller noted that it was a floor model, so I'm thinking it was just there for a long time barely getting played.


The action is a bit high at the nut so to test it out I tuned it down a full step to D (to make the strings more pliable and playable) and it actually sounds great tuned down.  So much so that when I take it in to get it set up I might tell them to set it up tuned down a full step.


I will say that the headstock likes to dive down quite a bit so it might be a strap only guitar, even when sitting.  All in all I am very pleased with this purchase - $200 plus $24 to ship.  Gotta love them Birds!!


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