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Picked up a nice Coastline S6 Cedar Folk SF. She looks good next to her big sister. Pics to follow. Does the SF mean satin finish? Which it does have a beautiful satin finish. Or second finish? Any way looks good sounds great! Troy

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Let's get this terminology thing settled. I live in Newfoundland, which has about a zillion seagulls around our 19,000 kms, of coastline.  Here, a whack of them together is a flock - so that settles it.

Strangely enough, tho, when they flock, they sure don't sing well together - screeches and bawls, caws and catcalls- they aren't nearly as sweet-voiced as their musical namesakes...

No, a whack of seagulls is known as a flock. In this neck of the ocean, a  'whack' of anything is just a lot of whatever - as in, "There's a whack of moose in that area" or "There's whacks of blueberries the year".

Don't feel confused - you can actually get graduate degrees that specialize in Newfoundland idiom and dialect, lol......and the music - well, that's another whole story...there's a whack of great stuff being written and recorded  here, not to mention the traditional side of things...  :->))

I am sure it's a Flock of Sea Gulls.  Found this


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