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I was curious as to how many members of the forum own multiple brands of "Godin" branded guitars.

I own a Seagull Maritime SWS SG (purchased new) and a Art and Lutherie Wild Cherry (purchased used).

Is there a member that has a guitar for ALL Godin family brands??

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Only two:

La Petrie Etude with Q1 Electronics, nylon stringed but not played very classical;

Godin 5th Avenue.

Seagull S6 with Q1

Norman B18

S & P Woodland

all of which are  an amazing quality

just need some of the kids to move out and get them on hangers in my future project of a music room ( probably years away).

Seagull Grand Artist and Godin 5th Avenue

Two for me too:

1975 Norman B20 that is pre-Robert Godin era when Normand Boucher was making them and Robert was selling them.

2012 Seagull Maritime SWS Crème Brulée CW GT QI.

A Seagull Coastline S12 was in the running earlier this year when I was looking for a 12'er but it lost out to my Taylor.....

Well, since this thread was first introduced, I have become a multiple Godin brand owner.  Before, I simply had multiple Seagulls, but now I have my 2007 Seagull Artist Mosaic QII and have acquired my 2002 Simon & Patrick Cedar Folk ... both purchases made through my local Craigslist.

Just two here - a venerable S6 that's old enough to not be an 'Original S6', and an Art&Lutherie AMI Wild Cherry that I found via Kijiji in Nova Scotia and gang-pressed family into buying and delivering for me. Oh, and a Griffiths electric classical that looks just like a MultiAc - in a dim light, from a

I "have" owned one guitar from all of Godin's lines at one time or another, but have settled finally to my 4 ladies; 3 of which are from Godin. 8-)  1 is a Cole Clark Fat Lady 2 AC3.

The Godins are:

• Simon & Patrick CW GT Mini Jumbo.

• Simon & Patrick Woodland Pro Folk Mahogany.

• Godin A6 Ultra.

My 4 lovely ladies.  8-D  Each has her own beauty and seriously, sometimes I don't know just which one to grab.  lol.

Ahhh, life is good when in the woods!

4 beautiful guitars Tony. And each with a character of its own. Those look like keepers! 

I've been through SO many guitars in the last decade, it IS good to know I finally found those "keepers."

I think my GAS is fully satisfied now...but....only time will tell.  LOL.


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