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I have a feedback buster,but doesn`t fit.

1.Should I try to modified my feedback buster(take off some rubber)?

2.Is the feedback buster for classical guitar too small?

3.Is there somewhere original feedback buster for Seagulls?

I know that soundhole of Seagull S6 is  smaller than  on the other acoustic guitars.

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Feedback hasn't been a big problem for me on the Quantum II system when playing through a PA with a soundboard.  At home though my rehearsal amp, if I try to blend in too much volume with too much of the electret mic, I can get feedback, but I just back off either volume or the mic (or both) and it goes away.

What is causing your feedback?  Do you have the Quantum I system factory installed? Or do you have an aftermarket unit?  On my Quantum II, if I just completely cut off the electret mic and go only with the undersaddle pick-up (which is essentially all a QI actually is) I don't have any feedback at all. 

Interesting ... I've not made the measurement, so I don't know ... is the soundhole on an S-6 actually smaller than on other typical makes and models?  I have a Kyser soundhole humidifier for each of my Martin, Seagull, and Taylor and it seems to fit them all pretty equally.

I have Quantum 1 electronics.

I must go   almost all way down with  Bass on the  guitar EQ and PA channel to avoid feedback.I have PA system.

Maybe my Beyer dynamic vocal microphone (dynamic)  cause the problem when he`s loud( he is very in low frequencies)

Some of our resident audio engineers need to chime in on this issue ...

My Taylor has a 4" sound hole, while my Maritime has one that's 3 7/8".  The feedback buster is supposed to fit both but it's a tight fit in the Seagull...

I'm no engineer, but here's selection of soundhole covers from "Hole in the Wood":

There are many design choices - perhaps one with more (or less) coverage than the one you have would help?


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