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My guitar playing days started three years ago as a result of the best Christmas gift my wife ever gave me. That guitar has already been sold and replaced by a Seagull Maritime. I have also purchased a Fender Mex. Strat, Art & Lutherie Wild Cherry, Seagull S12 Coastline, and so on.

There is one guitar that I would love to own that will probably be impossible to find let alone acquire. Back in 1983 my best friend at the time Bobby Wilson owned and played a Gibson Les Paul guitar(probably new at that time). I was amazed by his talent and thought the guitar was a beauty but not being any more than a amateur singer at the time that is where my interest ended.

Bobby moved to Sask prior to our high school graduating year in 1984. Though we made plans to get back together over the years it was not meant to be as a year later I learned that he died as a result of an allergic reaction while traveling in India with his family.

His family did come home for a visit to Newfoundland after his death and his Mom gave be a birth stone of his that they intended to turn into a ring for him. I have not had any further contact with his family since that time.

I can not remember if Bobby took his guitar with him when he moved to Saskatchewan or if he sold it in Newfoundland before he moved. I have this dream that someday I will find this guitar and have an opportunity to connect with my old friend. 

The picture attached is of a guitar that looks like the one Bobby played.

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I wouldn't expect the person who owns it to sell it. Would like to know if it is still being played. If it were for sale though I would purchase it in a heart beat.

What would a guitar like this be worth?

The one in the picture looks like a L P Standard and new go for about $800. But I am sure the one spoken of here is priceless :)


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