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I noticed that one side of my S6 is a lot smoother than the other. The rough parts are along the lower bout of one side, and also near the bottom. By rough I mean it is "noisy" when you run your hand across it if that makes sense.

If you compare the smooth/rough places in good light, you can see the texture is slightly different. But the difference is not visible at all otherwise. The entire cedar top has the rough feel too though it is uniform. The back is smooth. I don't think the smooth part is the result of playing or coming into contact with anything, as the bottom (near endpin) is rough

Anyone else have these smooth and rough areas on your S6 or similarly finishedcSeagull? I only noticed this while holding the guitar with bold hands and grasping the sides. Do you think they missed some spots during the sanding/buffing process?

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The top on my S&P 6 cedar was "noisy" so I decided to buff the whole guitar to a semi-gloss. The cherry back and sides became much shinier than the cedar top. So I'm thinking either they use less layers of finish on the top, or cherry finishes substantially different than cedar. I'm leaning toward the first option.

Mike, what did you use to buff out the guitar?  I've got a couple of A&L Antique Burst guitars, and have been tossing around the idea of "buffing out" both just to make a little shine.  I'm a player, not a luthier, so I'm a bit skittish about trying to change anything more that removing a pick-guard or a stick-on rosette :)


My S6 is consistant and smooth.
Just my furniture refinishing for something like this I would use very fine steel wool 000000, rubbed with some type of oil compatable with the finish. Test it first on something else to see how comfortable you are with it. the gauge of the still wool dictates the sheen.

I would not let it bother me. Just look at Willie Nelson's. It dosent bother him. My S6 is smooth all over. However I can tell a difference in the "smoothness" when the types of wood change. (ie neck, back and sides, top). If it sounds good, play it.

hey michael, I pretty much did what Mark suggested but then I buffed it with a buffing machine. I did use a specific type of polish but I can't remember the name off hand. I'll find it and post it.

Thanx Mike...

What your talking about here can be very dodgy.  There is no "undo" here.

My questions:

When you wipe over these noisy areas with a micro fiber towel do the fibers drag?

If no, than the surface is smooth enough.

If yes, than I think you have an unfinished guitar that probably should not have left the factory.  I have never felt a rough surface on any Seagull I have played which are many.  My music dealer is a big Gull fan.  I go there once a week and play anything new. Every S6 I have held is smooth to the touch.  

If you are going to try to smooth it out yourself I would go with the least aggressive 1st.  I have friend who has been repairing and making guitars for 40 years. I will ask him. There I did.  When I hear back I will post what he says. Kay?

If you buff it like Mike Jorgensen you will have a shiner guitar that you have now, that might not be ok? And yes cherry will buff up shiny and cedar not so much without wax.  I get this from furniture refinishing experience.

 Maybe you should write Seagull and ask?  They might fix it pro bono.

DJ who are you responding to - me or ???  I think my thread got a bit jacked . . .

You I guess, I talked with my friend last night and he said, "If it really bothers you, you could buff it out, but if you do it will take on a semi-gloss look.  If you like the way your Gull looks now and can stand the slight roughness of the finish your best bet is to leave it as is."

I played a Natural Elements CW Folk SG last night as well.  I was surprised that it had a rough feel to it. But it was uniform throughout, back, sides and top.

So there you have my 2 cents for what its worth.

Thanks for clarifying DJ. I am in communication with Godin regarding the matter.
Good deal they should stand behind it.

@ Bluesygirl ... is this the same S-6 that had a problem concerning the bookmatched back not exactly "matching?  Seems like I recall this being discussed, but it might not have been you. 

Some people have commented that older versions of the S-6 (maybe from the 1990s) were not particularly impressive from a finish standpoint.

I will say that my 2011 S-6 was pretty flawlessly built and finished from all aspects.  As I've played S-6 models in various stores at various times, it seems to me that I haven't noticed much variation in fit & finish.  As expected, all plain, unadorned, but pretty immaculate instruments overall.


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