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I'm in hunt for a guitar for my son's birthday in a couple of months. I've settled on a budget of $250-$300 for a solid top dreadnought. The hitch is it needs to be a lefty, narrowing the field considerably.

So far, I've considered the Washburn D-10SL and the newer but cheaper WD-10SL; and also the Recording King RD-16-L. 

I'm open to any and all suggestions. Used is fine, but I'm wary of the online marketplace for used instruments. Reputable dealer recommendations are welcomed, as well.

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I know this is done, but here's a lefty Ibanez from my local Craigslist:

$280 - here's a pic:

image 0


nice! I know my son would love a black guitar, but the inexpensive ones also tend to be cheap ones. I caught him looking at Deans the other day. had to convince him that cheapos with laminated tops and questionable QC were not good values. still waiting on the Walden...

Walden D600L is on its way via FedEx. Should have it by next Tuesday!

Woo-Hoo! Look forward to pics and an impression - Em and Am are relatively easy to fret while holding the lefty guitar in a right-handed fashion... ;-)
You have the distinct honor of getting the last Walden from the "Fish"...

Walden D600L is in the house! (actually here at work...) Preliminary inspection shows all is well. I'll post a pick and some impressions later on.

Cool!  Look forward to it...

Remember, if you hold it "righty", Em, Am, and D are relatively easy to fret... :-)

If you hold it "lefty", all bets are off...all the hands are wrong!  Head explosion!

nearly had a head explosion just now, trying to invert "normal" chords (sorry, southpaws ;-) ) and trying to play it upside down (lefty). got a few chords in like D and Em. sounds very nice.

I see no obvious flaws. The rosewood back and sides are quite dark, but nicely grained. The spruce top looks good with nice even grain. Again, the rosewood on the fretboard and bridge are dark. No position markers on the side of the fretboard (helpful for a beginner) and the ones on top are very small, but so are the markers on my S&P Pro Rosewood so I don't mind that. The neck looks flawless, nice fake abalone rosette and headstock logo. white binding with a black stripe. Nice center stripe on back. The insides I can see look clean, sanded, no glue sloppage. I pronounce this a really swell guitar for $271!

Ok, this is funny. You're gonna laugh... it does have side position markers. I was holding it "upside down"... duh

.........oh you right handers always getting it wrong.  Of course you have it upside down. Lol

that's another reason to not play the opposite side.  The side position markers are on the bottom so if you do use them, they are useless to you.

Glad it sounds like a nice guitar, especially for the money.  That sounds like a really good bargain.

you can imagine how much I want to play this thing. A brand new, beautiful guitar just sitting there in its case, and I feel like it might as well be a saxophone! Can't wait to give it to him tomorrow and we can start stringing some simple chords together.

I know the feeling. It's like a left hander going to a guitar shop.

Has your son been anxious waiting for it?  I am sure he is going to like it.  Seems like a nice guitar.

He's been sniffing around for clues (the man is going to be 32, for crying out loud!) and his mother has all but told him he's getting a guitar. He just won't be expecting it to come from me, and a month early. When he comes over tomorrow, the case will be sitting there where he is sure to notice it. When he does, I'll say "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. I bought a new guitar. Take a look, it's one of those Waldens I was telling you about." We'll see how many seconds it takes to realize it's a lefty. Should be a nice surprise.

yes.  It should be a nice surprise.  Has he ever played before?  Would  he know the difference between a LH or RH model?


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