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I'm in hunt for a guitar for my son's birthday in a couple of months. I've settled on a budget of $250-$300 for a solid top dreadnought. The hitch is it needs to be a lefty, narrowing the field considerably.

So far, I've considered the Washburn D-10SL and the newer but cheaper WD-10SL; and also the Recording King RD-16-L. 

I'm open to any and all suggestions. Used is fine, but I'm wary of the online marketplace for used instruments. Reputable dealer recommendations are welcomed, as well.

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He's been sniffing around for clues (the man is going to be 32, for crying out loud!) and his mother has all but told him he's getting a guitar. He just won't be expecting it to come from me, and a month early. When he comes over tomorrow, the case will be sitting there where he is sure to notice it. When he does, I'll say "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. I bought a new guitar. Take a look, it's one of those Waldens I was telling you about." We'll see how many seconds it takes to realize it's a lefty. Should be a nice surprise.

yes.  It should be a nice surprise.  Has he ever played before?  Would  he know the difference between a LH or RH model?

Yeah, he'll realize it when he picks it up that it is not like my other guitars. He has a lefty cigar box guitar we built last year and knows the bass strings go at the top. 

Well, aren't you the crafty one? They are a bit large to wrap...
I noticed just a little while ago that my Martin Backpacker (a former lefty) does have side markers - I never noticed them before... ;-)
Can we have a few pictures before he takes it away? ;-)

forecast for today in western new york is sunny and 80 (am I still dreaming?) hoping to spend some time with a couple guitars out on the back porch later and a photo would be in order then.

yes.  The weather is quite crazy (in a good way) for much of the continent.     We have been having the same kind of weather this year.  Day before yesterday it was 78F.   It was the warmest March day since they started keeping records 140 years ago.   Today is going to be 65F.     Now it might not seem that warm, but the old high it broke was 46F and the normal high for these days is 29F.    So it was 50F above the normal high and 32F above the old record.   We have been setting new high temps daily for the past 2 weeks.  Our golf courses opened last Saturday and have remained open.   My club opens this Saturday.  It usually does not open until mid April to late April.   We usually have some snow left at this time, but NONE.  We had a thunderstorm 2 days ago instead of a snow storm.   Enjoy it while it lasts.   It'll be a nice day to have your son sit on the porch and play his new guitar.

Here we are, father, son, grandson (he left his "Cars" ukulele at home). The new Walden sounds great, and Jeremy is very happy with it.

Thanks to everyone who contributed suggestions and followed this thread.

looks like a great guitar.  Congrats!............and being able to sit outside in shorts in the middle of March makes it even better.

Well, there's a happy ending!
Next, cedar/rosewood... ;-)

FG, thanks for the suggestions on cedar/rosewood Waldens. The G630CE was already on my GAS list, but it's a big jump to the next one (the 730 has no electronics/cutaway which I think I want). The 3030 is top of the line at about $1350. The G1070CEQ is several hundred less, but is mahogany (which is not a deal breaker, but I do like rosewood)  It will be a while, anyway. The taxman has taken an unexpectedly big bite this year...


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