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Ok next question. I ordered some Elixir Nano Web Phosphor Custom lights for the Seagull when she is ready. Actually I took advantage of the 3 pack promo going on now. The question is what dressings do you folks use on your rosewood fretboard when you change your strings. Also I guess I'll ask now, do you use the same dressing on the ebony fretboards? For my new Taylor GS Mini :}


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I use Dunlop 02 fretboard conditioner whenever i change strings (6 months). Lots of folks use lemon oil with good results, and some recommend bore oil, which is used on clarinets and other wooden instruments. I've even heard people recommend olive oil! Stay away from things like boiled linseed oil, though.

Lemon oil here - I just make sure it's pure lemon oil, and not a lemon oil polish...have used it for years for fretboards and as an occasional 'polish' if instruments get really dusty - I barely dampen the rag I use to apply it, and then polish it away with soft clean cloth...

I have heard to put a liberal amount on the fret board and let it soak in. What are your thoughts....

I use a product called "Fast Fret" which is essentially a stick of congealed mineral oil that looks a bit like a deodorant stick.  I just rub it into and them rub it off of the fingerboard liberally everytime I change strings.  Since my fingerboards are rosewood, I can't speak to ebony.

I use Dunlop #65 Ultimate Lemon Oil, once a year. I dab the stuff fairly liberally on the fretboard and the rosewood bridge (what the hell...) and then buff it off after 10 minutes or so. I also tend to wash my hands before I pick up the guitar, so it stays pretty clean.

Or that could just mean I don't play/practice enough. :-(

if you google this topic, you'll have enough reading of conflicting opinions to effectively keep you from playing your beautiful guitars for months! The best advice I can put together is keep your instruments properly humidified, and once or twice a year, clean the fretboard with a good quality product like the Dunlop or Fret Doctor stuff. Don't pour it on, just apply it lightly and buff it off. You don't want to soak the wood. Now get back to playing!

Dunlop 01 Cleaner and Prep and Dunlop 02 Deep Conditioner for fret board at least twice a year, and Dunlop 65 String Cleaner and Conditioner after I am finished playing. There is no stikiness and no bleeding after application. The oil helps eliminate the ups and down of humidity and temperature change. I believe the more porus the surface of the fretboard, the longer the oil will be effective and protective. That's my practice, for better or worse.

For the fretboard and bridge, which both look like stained but unfinished rosewood, Dunlop #65 Ultimate Lemon Oil

For the rest Dunlop #65 cleaner polish, been using it on my Strats and SG for years with good results hoping it continues to work well on the Gull.

If you read the Seagull FAQ on cleaning , they recommend lemon oil or Danish oil maybe once a year.

I figured follow their suggestions as they would probably know what is best for their own products!

I use Gerlitz Guitar Honey. It is designed for all the dark wood areas of the guitar. I use it on my acoustic and electric guitars. Keeps the fingerboard a deep rich color without any film and protects against finger oils. Light coat every string change or couple months.

This is what was recommended to me as well. I just changed my strings and used it for the first time and I like it. You spray it on and buff it off, fairly easy application and my fingerboard looks happy!

I usually clean the fretboard first...then a good amount of lemon oil...let it soak in for about 10 minutes...then wipe off all excess...once...maybe twice a year....been working great for me for about 30 years....hope this helps.


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