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If anyone is interested in buying my Artist Mosaic Seagull , please let me know.

It is in LN condition other than a coffee table Ding on the top , which is a surface ding. It sounds excellent! I just need the bucks and have a Baby Taylor I can use for now.

I also noticed, while taking pix that one of the abalone inserts on the string pins is broke, but I am sure these pins can be easily replaced. It is cosmetic, does not hurt the sound!

$720.00 with insured shipping

It comes with the TRic case and papers.  PICTURES Attached! More added to discussion, scroll down to see.



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Does it have electronics? If so, check this out: :-)

Thanks Buddy, but it does not have a pick up.. Appreciate it though!

Just a shout out for Suzi ... If someone here is looking for the ideal fingerstyle dreadnought, this is it.  Cedar over solid mahogany with the short scale and nice 1.8 inch nut width.  Warm, woody, and subtle voice.

I have an Artist Mosaic and it is my favorite guitar ... the one I invariably pick up first from among my Martin, Taylor and Silvertone. 

Well, we certainly understand you picking the Artist over the Silvertone... ;-)

You might be surprised ... :-)

Well, let's hear it!  We've heard the action is pretty high - slide action?

No ... the action is great up to about fret 7 ... great for strumming and Travis Picking all my open chords.  Above that, due to the fact that the top "sank" over the years, the action is high way up the fret board.  However, Robert was able to do some clever adjustments with the bridge and saddle to compensate.  If you stay down on 1-7, it plays easy and sounds great!  Of course, it makes a terrific "slide" guitar too, it I ever get around to learning how to do it effectively.  Its fun jut to tune to open D or G and play little 3-chord blues numbers, but not very sophisticated.  I'll try to post a video soon.  Meanwhile, Robert had a friend play it and made a tape before he sent it back to me.  check it out here: It takes several minutes to load the file (at least for me it did) ...

The action on this guitar is fine, I had my teacher take a look at it and he loved the sound! I have found it to be easy on the fingers as well..I have not ran into a musician here who had nothing but good things to say about this guitar. I hate to sell it, but my daughter is in from college and the grocery bill went up, Ha! I do have the Baby Taylor, which I do not like nearly as much as the Mosaic, but it is really all I need right now, since I am still a beginner player.
If anyone is interested enough I will upload some pictures.

The Ding I mentioned is not on the front surface, but the top near the neck, it is cosmetic, not structural. Thanks!

I'm sure the action on your Artist is fine ... Floridagull and I just got off on a tangent re: the action on my old Silvertone Jumbo ...

more pictures:

Gorgeous photos Susi!! You do a great job!

Thank you Jud!!


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