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Right now I only have one guitar.  That will change soon!


I'm about to augment my Seagull S-6 with another guitar, so I suppose I'm about to become a "collector" ... I want to have both a cedar and a spruce top instrument, not only for the different tones, but also so I can leave one of them in an alternate tuning most of the time.


My next guitar will most probably be a Seagull Maritime SWS SG Q1, but I'm open to suggestion and eager to hear from others who are currently "owned" by more than one guitar.  :-)


So, whatcha got???

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Gary ... last weekend, I played an Epiphone EF 500 RA.  At right around $1,000 in the shop,  I believe this is the top of that this model is the top of that particular line.  Spruce with solid rosewood b&s and a ton of abalone inlay all over the top, back, sides, neck ... everywhere.  I was a nice smooth feeling and sounding guitar in my opinion.  I have to say though that it didn't project nearly as well as my new Martin, but the Epi had rosewood and the Martin has Sapele.  I liked this guitar a lot, but you can get the same instrument without all the "bling" for a few hundered less and if I went Epiphone, that's what I'd do.  To me, Epiphone, Blueridge, and Eastman seem to be leading the way in offerng great quality instruments produced in China for a sweet price.

Yes Jud the Epi and also the Eastman are making some nice guitars produced in China. I like the Masterbilts a lot.


I had looked at the Eastmans before getting my Martin and was going to work up a trade for my 1970 Grammer with a local store but they never called me back. They were watching an auction on eBay as a rule of thumb and said they would call and work a deal after the auction (a Grammer like mine), but it sold for $2,000 and they never called me. Go figure, guess they thought I would want $2,000 too.



Now I'm glad I didn't trade and that they didn't call. I fell back in love with my Brazilian Rosewood Grammer and got the great deal on my Martin. So I have my cake and eat it too.



But my Martin OM is still my favorite.

Your Grammer is a piece of history.  Glad you held on to it.

Thanks, a lot of country music stars played them in the day back in the 70s. Billy Grammer tore apart a Martin and a Gibson and built the Grammer base on both. I bought mine in 1978, I'm the second owner.





I've had many many guitars over the years.  I began on a steel string, had some electrics of various makes, but mostly enjoyed the old tele's I came across, but didn't really consider myself a guitarist until I started playing acoustic.  I went through a divorce a few years ago and ended up selling all of them out of necessity except my classical nylon string guitar.  Currently I have a Washburn C-80S "Enrique Topicas" I had ordered from the factory back in '97.  It has a spruce top and has developed a beautiful sound over the years.  The current ones are selling a for less that half what I paid back in '97 and I'm guessing may be of less quality.  I know mine is a treasure I will never get rid of.  I also have a mid to late '80's strat rip off by Epiphone.  It looks like Eric Clapton's Blackie but has a head stock that resembles a bird head w/ pearl enlays that says "Epiphone by Gibson"; can't find much  about them on the internet.  Currently it's in a case but disassembled as I've been retrofitting it w/ a few newer parts and working on some rewiring of the electronics.  Then of course I got my new little pride and joy that motivated me to get back into playing S6 original. 


What else does everyone have?

Other than my Seagull Performer CW Flame Maple Q1T (solid spruce top, laminated flame maple back and sides), I have a Cordoba C5 classical (solid cedar top, laminated mahagony back and sides). These are the guitars I play daily. Also own a 1985 or so Aria LW-15 (1.68" nut) which will most likely be traded or sold. I also have a Martin Backpacker Classical, a Lyon by Washburn electric (Fender Strat copy from Target!), and a Windaroo (Ovation copy made in China) that I rescued from the garbage. Other than my lefty Martin DM and my lefty Fender DG-10CELH, which are for sale, that's it - for now...

I started out about 10 years ago with a Seagull S6 Spruce, which I still have. A year later I purchased a Godin LG HMB and Roland Cube 30, both of which I still have.


A couple years later I added a Seagull Folk S6 cedar with cutaway. really, really liked that one. However, my son moved away for work and I donated the Folk to him, as he really really liked it as well.


In the past 3 months, I picked up a used mint condition Godin 5th Ave Kingpin, a mint condition Fender Blues Jr amp, and yesterday, a mint S6 Cedar folk with Tric case. Probably only paid $600 for the two guitars plus amp. I think I did well.


A lot of Godin stuff, but all somewhat different, and every one plays well in their own way. My next project will be to sell off the Roland Cube and get a Fishman Loudbox mini or 100. The cube is nice, but doesn't hold a candle to the Blues Jr.

Don't give up on Roland!  Try an Acoustic Chorus AC-90, AC-60, or AC-33...
@ Davbid and Floridagull ... I just picked up a brand new Kustom Sienna 30 watt amp and stand off Craigslist for $80 bucks on my way to the mountains!  Retails for about $169.  I like it ... especially for the price.   Now I have to cancel my Fishman Mini -Loudbox order on Monday.
Good deal on the amp. Here in Halifax, Kijiji is a great source for used music gear. You just have to be patient and know what things are worth.
Ok - now you have to let us know how that is... ;)

Hey Floridagull ... for $80 bucks,  this little 30 watt Kustom does exactly what I need.  10 inch speaker, mic and guitar inputs with reverb and chorus.  Whenever I've needed to plug in outside of the house, there has been either a nice amp or a PA system already there.  Glad I didn't spend $300 on the Fishman Loudbox.



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