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Seagull Maritime

Seagull Artist


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Well, not sure what to say except they certainly sound similar, and what difference there is could be attributable to the difference between mahogany and rosewood back and sides.

Maybe it's just that I know one is the artist, but to me the artist does seem to sound richer, maybe with a bit more warmth, IMHO.

Agree ... very similar sound in the hands of a really good guitarist.  I have always had trouble discerning subtle distinctions between real good guitars that others claim to hear clearly.  To me they both sound pretty much exactly alike  --- they both sound GREAT!

Well that was interesting. I A/B'd each piece, eyes closed and there is a subtle difference. I hear the Artist as slightly fuller and warmer. The Maritime is brighter, a bit sharper attack. Both sound very good and I'd be hard pressed to choose one just on sound (though in this comparison, I'd lean to the Artist). The rest would balance on how each felt in my hands, and how each looks. Cost, of course would be in the mix as well.

One issue is they aren't specific about models. These appear not to be the current lineup. Are they both spruce top? All the Maritimes are now spruce, but the Mosaics are cedar, I believe. It would be useful to know. This could account for the sound difference, and one would think they'd try to compare apples to apples.

Good questionhs.  Not sure how long these videos have been on the web.  Several years for sure. They do this very same test for dozens of makes and models.  Just google "how does it sound" and the guitar you want.

I don't think the purpose of the tests was necessarily to A/B the two Seagulls ... I just linked th two videos together for our purposes.  They have dozens of these tests on all sorts of makes and models, all doing exactly the same test under the exact same conditions.

I noticed this right away - and I was wondering if anyone else would - I don't think that's a Maritime SWS look at the headstock - no "SWS"" label close to nut. Plus, unless it's the GC only one, there is no Maritime SWS cutaway.
So, is this a Coastline? Or what?

I was assuming it was the Guitar Center exclusive, but hadn't even thought of the SWS label on the headstock.

Good, Eye FlroidaGull

Maybe this clears it up. this is from the YouTube page:

To respond to a few who seem confused, as I was, this IS a Seagull Maritime in a Cutaway, but it is ONLY available in the USA through Guitar Center (in-store--they don't even list them on their website). However, I emailed Seagull for the specs, and even though it is a part of the Maritime line, it is NOT a part of the SWS (Solid Wood Seris) which means the top is solid spruce, but the back and sides are LAMINATED mahogany. The one poster said he had one that was SWS, but the one I found wasn't!

Wow!  Now that's sort of a shocker since I've played several of the cutaway Maritimes at GC and just assumed since they were new guitars, that they were solid wood back and sides.  Man, you gotta be careful buying acoustic guitars if you're concerned about specs and marterials used. Caveat Emptor!

Very interesting!

It's got me searching for a similar video of a SWS maritime, to see how it sounds compared to the two in the videos :)

So far no luck, every hit is taking me back to the same video posted here.


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