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Please place these 10 various acoustic guitar qualities in descending priority order of importance to you:


-Brand name




-Materials (tone woods, etc.)


-Initial Cost

-Resale value

-Overall value for the money

-other (describe)

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other - does it have an active forum on AC with cool people like me on it.

playability -  if it doesn't feel right, it's not a keeper

sound - how the guitar sounds, not how I make it sound

overall value - always a factor

materials - good components and workmanship

looks - especially if it makes me look good

brand name - something I can pronounce

durability - and a company that stands behind its product

cost - I'm a cheapskate, so this is always a factor

resale - I doubt I'll be selling it right away

Sound 1st and foremost

Playability 1st and foremost  

yeah... 2 first and foremosts yeah.... Pick one and if it good I will bet the other follows. Good sounding guitars will be easy to play, easy to play than I would bet it sounds pretty good.

Materials/Construction/Durability - any of these cheap - everything above this will show it

looks - most guitars look like... ummmmm a guitar.

These last three only matter if your poor.  Bill Gates wouldn't care nor would Leo Kottke.


Total Valus/Resale value

Brand  -  If I had put brand above any of these I would have never bought my Seagull and my Seagull sounds and plays as well as any guitar twice its value.

My 2.5 Cents(now endangered item) worth:



-Materials (tone woods, etc.)


-other (Location made, I will always pick local product way over anything foreign made.)

-Overall value for the money


-Initial Cost

-Brand name

-Resale value (I never buy anything with a view to ever selling it)

For me I think that the order is  sound, playability, material, workmanship, looks, then price.  I prefer guitars that are solid wood rather than plywood because I know that they sound better the more they are played.  These days I also look at where they are made, with the economy like it is I prefer guitars made in North America. 


-Initial Cost (it’s no good to me if I can’t afford it--That is not to say that it is not a good guitar, its just not good to me)

-Looks (life’s too short to play an ugly guitar)

-Materials (tone woods, etc.)

-Durability  ( the more I learn about guitars the higher on the list this becomes)

-Brand name ( I really don’t know where to put this one so I’ll leave it in the middle)

--Overall value for the money - when you start spending over 600, to me this goes up higher on the list

-other - Box shape or "fit" when in the playing position - no fun if it hurts your shoulder to play it.

-Playability (to a point I can have that fixed by a luthier, but box size and shape is important- see other)

-Resale value (a guitar to me is a ‘sound’ investment not a monetary one)

This is tougher than I had thought.  When I started my quest for a replacement guitar, Seagull was an unknown to me.  But after a little research it became the main pursuit.  Then after playing one and buying it, I feel the need to put Brand higher on the list…but my heart tells me that brand doesn’t matter so much as the sound I hear.  Seagull rates well for me because they make an instrument with a great tone and I can afford them.  So how does that factor in?


It makes Seagull perfect for you... :-)


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