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What kind of battery does it use?

Does the guitar have to be plugged into an amp for the tuner/preamp to work?

How does one turn the thing on?

My Seagull Mini-Jumbo Spruce/Heart of Wild Cherry Natural Elements guitar arrived yesterday.  Beautiful guitar, but no instruction manual came with it.  I don't know if the batteries are dead, or if something is supposed to click when I push/turn a button to try to turn the thing on, but nothing happens.  Help is appreciated.

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Hi Ralph

The little door below the tone and volume knobs mark B-BAND houses the battery.It is hard to open.  I have not looked at mine yet so I dont know the type of battery. The little black button between the Tone and Volume knob turns the tuner on and you can tune the guitar without it being plugged in. There is no click but the red led light will come on and identify the string you are tuning and it will turn green when you are in tune(or close to it) You leave the button in the off position (no lights) to use an amplifier. It is a nice little system and you will have to mess around with the adjustments depending on your amp. Good luck I love mine.

Thanks, Gary.  I pulled a couple of Lithium 3 volt CR 2032s out of my Snarks, put them in, and we're now good to go!  I appreciate your taking the time to answer.


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