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Joe says:  " I'd personally suggest an ebony fretboard + the upgraded electronics for the SWS mini jumbo."


How about you??





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I guess I would add an Anthem pickup system (to either or both of mine), although I'm not really sure why.

Do you have either the Quantum II or the I-Beam Duet in your Artists?  My Artist Mosaic has the QII which I enjoy, and member Morgan Finlay has the I-Beam Duet in his Artist Cameo and really likes it.

Both my Artist Portrait and Artist Mahogany Folk are unwired. At this point in my development, I don't need the electronics but maybe someday I will. The LR Baggs Anthem system is like the QII except that the microphone is the primary sound collector with the under saddle pickup there for support. The realism is supposed to be stunning. Another nice thing about the Anthem is it requires no cutting for installation and could be removed without leaving any evidence it was ever there.

A local luthier whom I trust (and a Fishman dealer) told me he heard the Anthem at a show and it blew him away.

Personally, I wish that all Seagull models came with a strap button on the heel already installed.  It's an inexpensive thing to include in the price and it would save us owners the anxiety of trying to drill the pilot hole in exactly the right place to avoid the bolts and dowels in the neck.  I know that a lot of people just attach the strap at the headstock, but I have trouble with that, as the strap attachment gets in the way of some of my open chord formations.  I much perfer to attach the strap to the heel.

I would not have a rubber rosette on the AMI, removed mine straight outta the box :)

Huh? I don't understand.

Okay, I think I get it now (went back through your old posts) and see we're not talking Seagull but Art & Lutherie. A stick-on rosette, what won't they think of next?

same company!

I'd love to have a beautiful custom inlay on my fretboard.

Yep ... That's one thing that really stands out about the Artist models ... the Seagull inlay is really nice looking.

I hate to admit to seeming so petty, but the seagull inlay on my Artist probably sealed the deal. One of my other hobbies is sailing and the sea bird speaks to me.

Dumb, I know. Good thing this guitar sounds as good as it does. :-)

Well, I'd like the Anthem pickup option, and maybe this sounds weird, but I saw a Grand Artist Parlor with 30s style tiger stripe pick guard that looked pretty sweet.

I honestly wouldn't change that much - I've already added an ivory saddle (noticeable improvement in sound) and bone bridge pins (don't know if that affected anything, but they sure look nice). Not a fan of onboard electronics, as I love/use the unplugged sound too much to risk changing it and usually just use a mic or a magnetic soundhole pickup when playing live. I'd possibly put in some higher ratio Grover tuners, though the stock ones do the job well enough.


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