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Joe says:  " I'd personally suggest an ebony fretboard + the upgraded electronics for the SWS mini jumbo."


How about you??





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Those are really good points. I replaced the plastic bridge pins in my Portrait CW with TUSQ and it seemed to help somewhat, though I did other maintenance at the time that likely did more. Newer Seagulls have TUSQ pins standard, but mine are 2002/2003 vintage. Cheap upgrade.

Yes, I also added tusq pins on the 2005 Artist.  Not sure if they were tusq to begin with or not, but one of the originals was missing and I wanted a matched set.

If I was tweaking a Seagull, I'd turn it into a Simon & Patrick <grin>. Just kidding, folks! Actually, since I'm a Simon & Patrick man, that would be true. However, if I'm going to tweak my Simon & Patrick's, it would be a side sound port; bone saddle and nut; and ebony everywhere. I love the sound and feel of ebony. 

Something about a side sound hole just doesn't seem right to me ... personal perception I'm sure ... Guess I'm afraid I might drool into it or something! :-)  BTW, I changed the question above to reflect the entire Godin line.  Sorry for the lack of inclusion earlier ...


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