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I may be going to look at an older S6, serial number is a 5 digit number starting with 12xxx. I have seen pictures and if I understand the way Seagull has used serial numbers this guitar is a 1980's vintage. But it looks to darn new in the pictures, almost like it has never been played. SO what do you all think?

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Go, look, play, decide. A new S6 isn't that much more, is it?

Around 400 for a new one, heh 150 more.

Before Christmas I bought the 2002 Spruce/Mahogany M6 Gloss in perfect shape for $250 with hard shell case.  That was an exceptional deal.

Used S-6's are being offered for between $250 and $350 on Craigslist pretty much every day with $300 being the more typical asking price.  With that said, the ones priced at $300+ seem to sit for a while unsold. 

With the 2012 S-6 now selling  at $419 street, I think $250 is a good price for an older model provided everything checks out.

thanks for the reply, this does come with a nice hard case


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