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I'd have to start with Bonnie Raitt ... her voice and her guitar work just knock me out!

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...interesting blogging... but was the filter, "guitarist" lost in the discussion?... there are plenty of great singers that have a superior strum/picking style. However, would you really put Joan Baez, Emmy Lou, or Shawn, as suggested, against Joan Jett, Bonnie or Tal (Bass for Beck), as suggested, when considering a "guitarist ?????

Hi, Blues!

In my humble opinion, you got a point!

Nevertheless, I must say that, by the late 60's and early 70's, I used to listen carefully to Joan Baez guitar arrangements, and learned every single note on them. She may not be a "guitarist" in the sense of the word, but, like Paul Simon, she sure can play guitar. I still remember many of their songs not because of the singing but because of the guitar accompaniment they performed...

Hi Luis..., I hate being humble.. I am, more or less, the arrogant factor... thriving from guilt, anxiety and a burning desire to separate the solid wood from the laminate. I "classify" in order to save memory banks, both virtual and real. But,,,,....,,,.... you are correct... one must look through the forest to see the tree.


I agree totally! Great point.

Went to see Rodrigo y Gabriela at the Chicago Theatre last night.

Gabriela Quintero's rhythmic palying was absolutely rock solid. Her right hand was just a blur. Amazing to watch.

I like Melissa Etheridge!

"Little Song" by Sarah Jarosz ... beautiful!



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