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I started this discussion over on the main gear page, but thought I'd put it up to everyone here, too.

I'm looking for an inexpensive (<$150) likely used, starter for my southpaw son, but they seem to be rare as hen's teeth. What do you think about converting a standard right hand guitar to a lefty? I realize the compensated saddle is reversed, but how much of a problem would this be, especially for a beginner?

lefty conversion

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Let's ask this guy ... :-)

They say, Sir Paul wrote and recorded "Yesterday" on his flipped righty Epiphone.

Someone look up Elizabeth Cotten's Frieght Train. She played a right handed guitar lefty without swithcing the strings. I would but just dont know enough about computers. That lady was amazing.

I was just talking to the owner of one of the local shops about lefties. He had 4 in the shop, 3 used electric/acoustics and one new Crestwood chinese-cheapo for $124. I asked about converting since he had a wide variety of righties and he said I'd have to have a nut cut from a blank because he couldn't even order a lefty nut. That just sounds crazy to me.

What did the used ones run, price-wise? And what were they?

The one I recognized was a Washburn, Chinese-made, priced at $350. The others were brands I did not recognize and were also priced over $300. I have 2 months to shop, so I'll be patient. There are a couple of Fender DG10 CELH's on ebay right now, one at $102 and a Korean-made model at $199

IMHO, call and talk with Jay or Graham @ Wolfe - see what they'll sell it to you for - I would think they would let it go for $150 or less - they've had it since I got my Kingpin - about 6 months?

I emailed them this morning about it, but being Sunday I assume they are closed. All I got was a robo-mail response.

Monday - Saturday, 10-6. Jay is usually very quick to respond. They are very good, knowledgeable people.

sounds like it would be a good option

I'm not so sure the Fender had a solid top - might have been laminate - confirm with the Wolfe guys, if you speak with them - and if they still have it. It did have a nice tone, though...

pretty sure it is lam. I was looking at them earlier.

I checked ebay, they had new LH acoustics-  Kona  $104 - 169, Gold Tone $199, Fender Cd100 $229, Takamine G340 $219, Alvarez RD20  high bid is $51.  not sure what it will end at.  Jasmine made by Takamine $200- 230,  Oscar Schmidt $80- 200

so there are a lot of options for a beginner guitar.   Then there are used.  I did not go over them.


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