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Hi Folks,

I have been looking all over the web and there is so many choices..... I am looking to spend about $100 for a hard shell case I am not flying and do not plan to with my guitar. I am just looking for protection for it in my car and around the house but I want to ensure a proper fit. I am sorry if this question has been asked in the past.

Thank You & HAVE A GREAT DAY !!!!!!


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I found a $200 Roadrunner hard case on CraigsList for $60.  It fits my S6 and 12 string Alvarez.  And it's bombproof!!!

Hi Harold:

I purchased a Wolfpak Acoustic Guitar case for my S6. I love it. $80 well spent...I use it for exactly the purposes you mention. I love the shoulder straps; padded and conseal nicely when not in use. Good luck. Check it out.

It's not the traditional hard case, though...I'm afraid.

Here's the link to one of our past discussions about ... Cases for Seagulls

The TRIC case (around $79) actually produced by Godin especially their guitars seems to be the most popular and logical choice, but they are not for everybody.  The fact is that almost any standard hardshell dreadnought case (around $60-$100) that you can pick up at Guitar Center or Same Ash or Musicians' Friend, etc, will house your Seagull dread quite snuggly.

We did have a nice discussion on cases a while back. Did you find it?

I would say that for  a cool hundred, you would probably end up with one from Gator.

The important thing to remember is that it needs to fit the box and have good padding.

At your price level, you should be able to find a nice case.  But I do recommend you take your guitar or use one of the ones at your local store to check the fit before you find out that the S6 rattles around in the case of your choice.  I think all cases for dreadnought boxes will be sized to accept your S6.  Some will be a little large and some will be way large.  Only one I found to fit just right was the Hiscox but it is over your intended price range.

Hope this helps.

Thank You Very Much Guys !!!!! You all were very helpful :0) I will checkout the previous thread as well.

I have both types of TRIC cases and I prefer the less expensive one with the clasps over the "Deluxe" with the fabric cover and zipper. I keep my guitars in their cases so the zipper has been open and closed several hundred times with no issues.

Here's my TRIC (with a Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin II in it):


and one without:


I like it... :-)

arrrg I think I am getting CAS!!!  !;-)

But definitely get the one with latches...IMHO...

I have CLAS!!!!  CraigsList Acquisition Syndrome!


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