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I saw a Minstrel guitar advertised locally on Craigslist which I recall was an early brand of La Si Do guitars, or Godin guitars.  A quick Google search seemed to confirm this.  Anyone here had any experience with this brand? 

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Never heard of them - I posted the La-Si-Do article originally, and don't remember Minstrel being mentioned in there, but I could be wrong.  Maybe an early mis-step, or something that didn't pan out?

Here's a link to some speculation on Harmony Central:


Here's a picture of the guitar that is advertised on Craigslist.  I think it is priced at $100, which is a decent price if it is in good shape.


I have owned my Seagull for 20 years and when I first bought it I did a little research on the company and found almost nothing, but I recall they were using "La Si Do" as the corporate name and I am pretty sure they had a line called Minstrel.  I may have to post on the main AG site to pose this question to a wider audience.





Well, it certainly looks like the Seagull dreadnought shape...
Everything but the headstock looks like an S-6 Original for sure. 
E-mail Michel Belanger at - he'll tell you/us... :-)
Apparently, an early mis-step...

Today I had an opportunity to visit the store that had advertised the Minstrel guitar on Craigslist.  It was definitely made by Godin / La Si Do.  The serial number was 5xxx.  The guitar was clearly made for an entry level player.  I think it may have been made entirely of wild cherry.  I didn't try to play it.  I think it would have taken a fair amount of work to get it into proper playing form.  The finish was flat and quite thin.  I have seen a lot of Godin guitars over the years, and this one was not up to the level of any of the others.  Of course, there may be some terrific examples out there, but this one was old and needed some TLC.

Nonetheless, it's always interesting to see an older instrument, and some of what led to our newer ones... :-)


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