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Seagull (and Patrick and Simon) has a new line of Natural Collection.  They use natural woods and look pretty.  What do people think about this new line and which wood combinations do people like?  Wood combinations are spruce with wild cherry, spruce with heart of wild cherry, and cedar with figured maple. They all look nice and I just ordered the dread spruce with heart of wild cherry.

Also, any comments on the sound?  I will know when I get mine.

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Yep, that is her!

Mine arrived on the 28 as well.  It is an SG with heart of wild cherry.  I posted some pictures on the comment, and will report pics below.

Entourage Rustic and Natural Element picture.

Two gulls back.

Babies got back! ;-)

My CW Mini Jumbo finally arrived. Pulled it from the box and the Seagull bag case and it was in tune. It has a nice robust tone. It was sold as B-Stock, I asked and they said a scratch on the CW. Well, it is marked SF on the sound-hole label. It sounds great, but the finish is something to be desired for a Seagull/Godin. It does not have the nice smooth, shinny finish of my CW Folk Natural Elements. It is actually rough in places. I sent Seagull/Godin an email about the serial number looking for information. My guess is this is a sample model with the last five digits 00001 of the serial number and the headstock differences. Pictures coming below.

These Natural Elements are my first online purchases of guitars. My local shop does not carry Godin and Guitar Center is the only local sources. The Mini Jumbo was the impulse purchase, that is why I ended up with two.

Very nice looking.  Keep this guitar pristine for 100 years and it will have collector's value.  Add $$$ for the mistake on the headstock.  My NE has the word Seagull on the headstock.

Yea, probably not worth the impulse purchase (just can't let my wife know), and I probably over paid since I paid more for it than the CW Folk.

But you have a cedar-topped one and a spruce-topped one - they are not the same - justification! ;-)

My justification is I did not have a Mini Jumbo, though my goal was SWS Mini Jumbo. All my others are ceder top (S6 and Parlor). I don't perform just play for fun, so my guitar collection is out of my love for Seagull. My last "performance" was Valentines Day play when we did a Taylor Swift sing along love song day (I teach fifth grade.) Now I hear the sound of the group disowning me.

Customer service just contacted me with "That's a Seagull Natural Elements Natural Cherry CW Mini Jumbo AC1.5T. It was actually the first one built!"


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